David. Wild. Stegosaurus was a herbivore from the Jurassic. Among paleontologists, the four-spiked tail of Stegosaurus is called a "thagomizer. We do know that Stegosaurus' plates could have been used for threat or courtship displays and would have had the ability to blush red when flushed with blood. Define stegosaurus. This plant-eater evolved to find its food in the low-growing plants of the late Jurassic. Part of a group of dinosaurs known as Stegosauria, the Stegosaurus was a large dinosaur that featured unique bones and plates along its spine. This strange configuration protects this herbivore from predators, as the stegosaurus can hunker down to interpose its dorsal plates between an attacker and its thick body. What is the species of a stegosaurus? It was one of the largest members of a group of dinosaurs called stegosaurs, which lived during the Late Jurassic Period. The spikes were probably used as defense mechanisms, while it is believed that the plates could have been the same, plus doubled up as a heat control feature. Stegosaurus regium has approximately 16 paired rows of plates along its back, flanked by another, smaller pair of 6 plates. The extremely broad sacrum of Scelidosaurus suggests affinities with the _____. This Stegosaurus lived about 150 million years ago during a time in Earth's history called the Jurassic Period. Additionally, at the end of its tail there are the four spikes Stegosaurus used to defend itself with. The Stegosaurus is a large herbivorous dinosaur that occupies an important place in the popular imagination because of its morphology which is iconic in the animal kingdom: its back is covered with two rows of triangular bony plates mounted vertically on both sides of his spine and is ended by a small tail adorned with four spikes named thagomizer. Stegosaurus is the most familiar and the largest of the stegosaurs, or plated dinosaurs. Stegosaurus have plates. This is contrary to the alternating rows of Stegosaurus fossils found in museums. The term "Stegosaurus" refers to a particular dinosaur genus, whereas "stegosaur" or "stegosaurid" refer to the whole group of similar dinosaurs with small heads, back plates or spines, and tail spikes, belonging to the suborder Stegosauria. Download this stock image: The Stegosaurus is called also plate lizard and in the jurassic period occurred. uh, horns? Stegosaurus is a dinosaur that lived around 155 million years ago—during the Jurassic Period—in the Western portion of North America and parts of Europe. Its length amounted to approx. In total, this sculpt carries 22 plates (one of them on the dino damage piece), varying in size. The plates on its back were not as tall, but were longer, than in its cousin Stegosaurus. They are called plates. The Stegosaurus flaunted an array of plates and spikes. I've encountered Stegosaurus in varying amounts, almost everywhere on the island. Stegosaurus Plates Help Determine Sex, Offer Further Proof Of 'Sexual Dimorphism' In Dinosaurs . Stegosaurus was a herbivore so it is called a primary consumer. Ouranosaurus have sail. Stegosaurus was nearly the size of a bus and its unique anatomical features were never shared with the other stegosaurians. It may have eaten a variety of green plants including ferns, horsetails, and conifers. Spikes were a stegosaur mainstay, adorning the tails of every known species. The stegosaurus in Ark: Survival Evolved was an unimpressive dinosaur with little utility. Learn more about the Stegosaurus with our fun facts and information for kids. Ask Question + 100. As for its plates, they would have been virtually useless in combat–unless these structures evolved to make Stegosaurus look much bigger than it … They weren’t attached to the skeleton, and grew out from the skin. n. A stegosaurian dinosaur of the genus Stegosaurus of the Jurassic Period, having large upright plates along the back and two pairs of spikes on the tail.... Stegosaurus - definition of stegosaurus by The Free Dictionary. Meaning “roof lizard,” it references the outdated idea that Stegosaurus’ characteristic back plates were arranged horizontally like enormous shingles. By Kukil Bora @KukilBora 04/23/15 AT 6:02 AM. 8 m, the height - A5KCY2 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Stegosaurus Dinosaur Facts. stegosaurus synonyms, stegosaurus pronunciation, stegosaurus translation, English dictionary definition of stegosaurus. Stegosaurs were very distinct-looking dinosaurs. The key evolutionary novelty of the thyreophorans is their _____. The plates along its back, its small head and spiked tail make it a peculiar and unique dinosaur. Stegosaurus Facts for Kids. Stegosaurus (pronounced ˌstɛgəˈsɔrəs) is a genus of stegosaurid armoured dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period (late Kimmeridgian to Early Tithonian) in what is now western North America. C. Thyreophora . The name Stegosaurus means “covered lizard” or “roof lizard.” The dinosaur called Stegosaurus was given this name because it had a row of enormous bony plates that ran along its back. In addition to back plates, these massive plant-eaters had long spikes at the end of their tail. Stegosaurus Regium has approximately 16 paired rows of plates along its back, flanked by another, smaller pair of 6 plates. Stegosaurus belonged to a suborder of dinosaurs called — what else? "I didn't come up with the approaches, but listening to the criticism of previous work is what drew me to my methodology of testing every alternative explanation." Stegosaurus also had spikes at the end of its flexible tail (these are called thagomizers; they were named for a Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon in which a caveman is explaining that the end of a Stegosaurus' tail is called a thagomizer, named for the late Thag Simmons). The skeleton was discovered in 2003 by professional fossil hunter Bob Simon, who was digging at a site called Red Canyon Ranch in Wyoming. 1 decade ago. The spikes on its tail would have made a powerful weapon against any hungry predators. Get your answers by asking now. There are basically 4 possible plate arrangemnets: 1) The plates laid flat along the back, like armor. 1 decade ago. A. skull shape B. armor plates C. spiked tails D. fenestrae. Stegosaurus was a member of the subgroup of dinosaurs called Ornithischia: the bird-hipped dinosaurs. All told there were 11 different kinds of stegosaurs. Stegosaurus Plates. These spikes are also the main ingredient of the action feature this sculpt is equipped with. 0 0. 1 decade ago. Check out DinosaurRentals.com. This is contrary to the alternating rows on Stegosaurus fossils I've seen in museums. But it's the ornaments that really grab your attention. It was an herbivorous quadruped known for its rounded back and its double row of back plates that end with a a double pair of spikes on this dinosaur’s tail. A. Marginocephalia B. Nodosauridae C. Thyreophora D. Huayangosauria. 0 1. 1 1. They started just behind the head and continued almost to the end of the tail. — the stegosaurs. Kentrosaurus have spikes. We now know these weird-looking bones s The name means “roof lizard” or “plated lizard” after the distinctive plates sticking out of it’s back. Stegosaurus was also considerably slower than Allosaurus, thanks to its low-to-the-ground build and much shorter legs. It used its spiky tail as a weapon to deter large predators from eating them, similar to Kentrosaurus. The plates were made from a hard, bone-like material. Anonymous. One of the major subjects mentioned in books and articles about Stegosaurus is the plate arrangement. The arguement has been a major one in the history of how dinosaurs are reconstructed and the entry should have a bit more detail on this point. It is an armored stegosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic era about 150 to 155 million years […] Stegosaurs and ankylosaurs are united in a group called _____. The Stegosaurus was the only "plated" dinosaur that was found in western North America. Share | This skeleton is available for rent. Stegosaurus is often called the dumbest dinosaur because of its incredibly small brain. These plates were actually highly modified scales, much like those seen in crocodiles and many lizards today. Stegosauria is a group of herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods.Stegosaurian fossils have been found mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, predominantly in what is now North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.Their geographical origins are unclear; the earliest unequivocal stegosaurian, Huayangosaurus taibaii, lived in China. Not surprisingly, Stegosaurus uses the spines on its tail to defend itself. It would have lived in present-day Wyoming, USA. B. armor plates. Some scientists believed that the 17 plates on its back allows it to cool down on hot days and warm up on cold days. Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more pictures or information. they are called plates (not the ones that you eat off) why does it matter there dead (exept crocks) 0 2. The stegosaurus is easily recognized by its twin rows of diamond-shaped dorsal plates that run down its spine, and thick tail adorned with four large spikes. Stegosaurus had two rows of bony plates running down the middle of its back. Because Stegosaurus plates are thought to have partly served as a mating display, a ... "People have been calling on this kind of rigor before me," Saitta said. There are four currently accepted species in the genus Stegosaurus. Still have questions? The Stegosaurus was the best known of the stegosaur group. The most recognizable features of Stegosaurus are the plates on its back. Stegosaurus is famous for the rows of big, diamond-shaped bony plates that ran along its back. In addition to the flat plates along its back, Stegosaurus also boasted a double set of fierce spikes on its tail. Stegosaurus is a Stegosaurid from the Late Jurassic Era Stegosaurus, pronounced STEG-o-SAWR-us, was named by Othniel Marsh in 1877. Allan T. Lv 5. Found in North America, Europe, Asia and mainland Africa, the stegosaurs walked on four legs and had long, beak-tipped skulls. Hesperosaurus was a type of stegosaurid, having alternating plates on its back and four spikes on its tail.

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