MRP 145 140 3% Off (Inclusive of all taxes) Offers Applicable. What potency and how many times a day, Sir I am diagnosed nasal polyps and severe sinusitis also suffering from asthma pls help me. I have lost my ssmell and taste. Sneezing, markedly in the morning time, may also attend. curled bones located bilaterally inside the nose. Dr. suggest again for second operation. Right now my both nose are completely blocked, the polyps are very big, they are nearly out of my nose and I don’t want to take ”cortisone tablets anymore as I have been taking too many of these tablets which I think is not good at all. Wait for a week. What could this be? Add products worth Rs. I want to know , access use of this like more than 3 to 4 months may have any side effect ?? Is 9467271313, I have a right nasal polyp since last 2 years. I am 41 years old and have irritable Bowel syndrome. I have two right seed nasal polyps in the turbinate sinus and in the nose. Respected sir, my sister suffers from nasal polyps along to loss of smell n severe blockage posterior discharge in both nostrils..It started bleeding few days back but it sttopped after taking Rutoheal tab…V plan to go for surgery becoz of this problem as she is not comfortable sleeping also but would like to try homeopathic medicine be surgery…Would b very kind of u if u can suggest some medicine along with dosages. if u have any effective medicine in homeopathy then suggest. Is this weight reduction is due to the polyps. Some feel there’s a lump at the root of the nose. Mghiugh pain reduced now it would reappear after few days and swelling might occur. We recently got a kitten and allergies seem to have gotten worse although she is never allowed in bedroom. Can I take Thuja medicine or not. How can I visit your clinic. (my noes not block ). I am also having problem sever allergy ie. Please can you recommend what I should take and where I can obtain it. you are requested to suggest homopathic medicine. I had taken so many allergy medicines but it did not turned around any good result. Sir I m 3o year old and suffering from cronic nasal polyps from last 3 yrar of left side and some time blood comes and yellow colors discharge every time comes out from nose . In the 1995-2005 period the cures – Breathing compliance and a half months. Thank u. Nameste MY CT scan reveal polypoid soft tissue masses in both nasal cavitiees and all para sasal sinuses. With best regards, Tapan Datta Father of Shamik Datta Kolkata-700010 M-9831257409, I breath from mouth and sorn at night can I have nose polyps on right side doctor has advised me to go for surgery. All information contained on this site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, are for informational purposes only. I am 55 years old and detected right side nasal polyps (multiple) . 1. Naak ke andar mass jayad hai naak se pani bahut nikalta hai. Polyps irritate been 4 year. In right side nose some time going block & some time getting release for little breathing. i have problem 4 to 5 months in a year and 5 to 6 months are ok. my nose is severly blocked that i am unable to breath from nose i have lost my sense of smell and taste please send me the best combination of homeo medicines for its treatment regards Nadeem, Iam chronic polyps patient in two sides of the nose. Hell doctor My brother is suffering from nose polyp. RESP.SIR I am 48 yrs old man.I have nasal polyps in left nose.I have snoring problem also.Allways complain of white water discharge and blocked nose of left side.crawling sensastion arises.Do not bleeding.i feel 24HRS nose blockage .sometimes sneezing arises.Headache and irritation also persist. DR. SHARMA, I AM 83. If this remedy doesn’t work, should I wait a few days before trying another one? cold drinks , prolonged sitting in Air conditioned environment completely block my nose Nose remains obstructed, more on the side that one lies on, kindly suggest the medicine with full name. No smell no test. I wake every morning with a clogged nose on at least one side and discharge in my throat. Please suggest best medicine for polyp remidy. I have bee taking steroids for last three weeks. I have been suffering last three years nasal polip .. my name is md Nazmus Sadat , age-56 years weight 80-kg hight 5’7” x staying in Dhaka, Bangladesh x please sir advise me details and how I mange your medicine soonx. My nasal/sinus conditions, congestion and nasal drip started in 2015, and developed into accidents sinusitis and asthma that I am still battling. The post nasal discharge is thick, lumpy, ropy in nature. If any Dr. Give me allopathic medicine after few months it stops working for me than another tablets I have changed many tablets because not working for me. I had surgery 15 years ago and now the polyps are back full force. He had surgery on June 9th 2017. Wholeday liquid discharge like water from the nose. Sir, I am suffering from nasal obstruction for last 5 month’s. As soon as it is stopped again this problems starts and wont able to get smell. please suggest my suitable and effective homeopathic medicine . View Q&A. due to nasal polyps and sinus I lost my sense of smell. Please guide me for the best suitable treatment in homeopathy. Their aetiology remains unclear, but they are known to have association with allergy, asthma, infection, cystic fibrosis, and aspirin sensitivity. Her age is near about 40 yrs. I also gradually noticed an ingrown nail on my right middle finger which has gradually increased with time and sense of smell is totally gone now. What do you recommend? Here weather is quite humid. Thanks and Regards Arslan. I had allopathy treatment in the initial stage fir 6 months and it was I stopped it. and then stopped. A friend of mine is studying for a certificate in Homeopathy. The patient also feels putrid smell in the nose in some cases. he takes hopathy 15 days. He also has chalazion in his eye. Homeopathy acts at the root and in due course dissolve nasal polyps without having to go through any invasive procedures or surgery. Sir i m suffering from both sided nasal polyps…my nose gets blocked and cannot be easily opened without nasal drops… can u please suggest some medicine along with its power.. Don’t use these medicines. Suffering with breath problem ..sneezing…continuous yellow sticky discharge from nostrils…please suggest good medicenes. Larger growths or groups of nasal polyps can block your nasal passages or lead to breat… The first time when I did the surgery I lost my right vision that’s why I don’t want to for another one. I have nasal septum I did surgery 3years back but which tablet should I take sbl5 or sbl10 hmeopathy. Indication: A small catarrhal stalk (wound) in the nasal pathway, Swelling & Pain, Rhinitis watery nasal Discharge, NASAL POLYP Is of use in polypus of the nose.Acute and chronic catarrh. Is it due to nasal polyp? Quantity. Lemna minor est le remède des catarrhes avec polypes nasaux et cornets tuméfiés. Acute pharyngitis. मैरी बायीं नाक कि हड्डी बढ़ी हुई है। मेरा नाक से ब्लीडिंग होता है।ठंडाके मौसम में। 2009 में पहली बार 2015 में दूसरी बार 2016 में तीसरी बार खून निकल सभी दिसंबर से जनुअरी के बिच में। डॉक्टर कहते है ऑपरेशन करना होगा सर्दी में मौसम ज्यादा ड्राई रहता है इसी लिए वो सुख के क्रैक हो जाता है। Aआप कुछ उपाय बताये।. Again from dec 2019 it got increased and because of lockdown I was not able to go to doctor. I want to o peration by Homeopathe . I have large polyps in right side my nose plz help homopathey, I am suffering from left side nasal polyp, and using lemina and tucrium in mother tinctures, plz suggest me dosage and tenure for using medicine. In Lemna Minor, there is an obstruction of nose and loss of smell are present due to nasal polyps. I do a steroid nasal rinse usually daily to try the control the condition, but it still has been getting out of control. Is it right medicine I amtaking. Based out of Lucknow n really wanted to be connected with you for your guidance n support. Would I follow the daily dose recommended on each bottle? Suggest some Homoeo medicines to get it back. No headache nor any other symptoms . Dear sir , My left nose is blocked for past few weeks, doctor has suggested surgery to remove the ployps. Thick secretion came our every time. But, snoring in isolation can be attributed to other causes as well. Hello Dr. Sharma, My name is Melissa. It is attended with much hawking. I am suffering from polyps quite some long time and it develops with change in weather. Taste buds are no as strong as they used to be. Ganesh 9890445328, Sir, I am suffering from Left-sided Nasal Polyps last 2-3 yr. Can you suggest me 2-3 best homeo medicines to completely solve this problem. Since last year I was facing difficulty while sleeping at night. Plz, help me, so thanks, Smriti agarwal suffering from nasal polyps for 6 months plz guide me, I have antrochonal polyp in my left nose since Sepn2018. Inferior turbinates are hypertrophied. Please advise. Surgery removes the nasal polyps not the root cause behind their origin. Sir hum lower middle class se belong karte hai. Call Dr. Sharma's Clinic - From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients From rest of the world and India call+91-7696069965. I have stuffy nose and difficulty in breathing while lying down. Lemna minor is a catarrhal remedy indicated in the presence of nasal polyps and swollen turbinates. There are two types of nasal polyps. RXHOMEO® HOMEOPATHIC CHILDREN’S KIT Contains 20 Homeopathic single remedies in 30C potency, each pack contains 400 pellets. I have using otrivin for this for last so many years now. Also we consult to other 2-3 ENT doctor but all doctor say there is no solution for nose polyp. last 10 years i am suffering from this disease. Hello, my niece is 13 years old suffering from recursive nasal polyps. i had pollyps sugery 1910 i have problem at night my both nose blocked what homeopathic medicne is best for. Recently orders BMI a tincture over the internet. Sir my wife is suffering from nasal polyp since 10yrs. Good Evening Dr. Sharma Sir I have polyps in my right nose. Sir I have a right nasal polyp since last 1 year my nose Gates obstructed alternately there is no any nasal discharge neither there is any sneezing my smelling power is good I don’t have any other complications due to this right sided nasal polyp. Nasal polyps grow in inflamed tissue of the nasal mucosa. Calcarea Carb is an extremely suitable medicine for … So kindly suggest me a good branded homeopathy medicine for his immune system and for nasal polyps…. Sir plz homiopathic ki Dawa bata de. Thank you Dr. Sharma. Lemna Minor works well where there is obstruction of nose and loss of smell from nasal polyps. can nasal poly convert to asthma and what stage ? koi nasal spray advice kr dien plz. Delivery. I am also suffering due to burning sensation on both soles when at rest. Please suggest me the right medication. Nasal complaints associated with diarrhoea. Is it possible to get release from polyps by homeopathy medicine really. Arsenicum Iodatum is added as it is useful in treating persistently irritating and corrosive nasal discharge. With the addition of calc phos, underlying tissue is allowed to knit together whereas Lemna Minor provides nourishment to the damaged mucus membranes and balances the body’s immune system. They hang down like teardrops or grapes. I have tinnitus that only in recent months has gotten worse (with pain in left ear sometimes, there is also slight damage in that ear as well). Done Surgery in 2016 but re-occurrence of Polyps. i want to use some oil to srink polyps.any further query can be answered. I have a severe cold problem with contineous running nose and sneezing. All the best, Bracha. After less than a year, he needed surgery again as the polyps returned. I am unsure which remedy is best for me. 1000* Available Potency : Potency. add Add to cart In stock Share : Add to wishlist Discreet Shipping. Are these any good? Please tell me if there is any way to cure this nasal polyp without any surgery. my brother is suffering from nasal bleeding since the past 2 months. Lemna Minor works well where there is obstruction of nose and loss of smell from nasal polyps. Dear sir I have nasal polyps in right side and I had done 2 times surgery but again it reapears again and again 3-4 year of interval. Dear doctor Sharma, I got a surgery done for DNS and accompanied Polyp in both nostrils on 19 th. Thank you so much, Antonietta, Hello Doctor, I found DrHomeo one of the best website for Homeopathic Medicines. Earlier use to take allopathic medicine as & one required. polyps start shrinking.. Dr i have nasal polyps problem since ten years hi had surgery ten years back but not works i this time less sleeps taken sleeping pills and nasal stroird spray not works please is any medicine in homeopatic fast relif my problem yours thankful, Sir I have problem of nasal polyps my nose is full blocked and smell sense is also lost please suggest best medicine for my problem. Common Name: Duckweed Causes & Symptoms for Dr Reckeweg Lemna Minor (Dilution) Due to exposure to damp cold weather or foggy weather, when complaints arise Lemna Minor is of use. My symptoms meet as mentioned in para 3 of this article. Continue for four weeks. i will be very greatful to you if you solve my problem, Lemna minor and kali bich. Greetings Dr Sharma , I have a sinus problem & I am looking forward to get this treated with homeopathy medicine s. Do let me know how much time does it take to get this cured. lemna minor for nasal polyps . also suffering from cold as well. Some top-rated medicines for treating nasal polyps are Teucrium Marum, Lemna Minor, Sanguinaria Nitricum, Allium Cepa, Kali Bichromicum, and Calcarea Carb. She tries to put things in her nose and sneeze. The doctor saw that the poli had gone to the operation. I am 54 yrs old. Nasal Polyp – surely be treated with homoeopathic medicine *CP 30X* dropes or tablets should be taken 8 hourly on regularly. Stuffy Nose Relief & Rhinitis & Nasal Polyps BM100, Use for Sinus Pain, Congestion, Runny Nose and Seasonal Allergies Helps to Reduce Inflammation That can Cause Polyps 3.6 out of 5 stars 32 $38.99 … I AM SUFFERRING FROM HEAVY POLYPS IN BOTH NOSE AND NOSE BLOCKED SEVERAL TIMES, I AM ALSO ALLERGIC TO DUST, PLEASE RESPECTED SIR, PLEASE PRESCRIBED ME THE MEDICINE FOR PERMANENT SOLUTION. Thanku waiting for for reply. I feel more block in the right nostril. I donot want to take anymore steroids for this purpose. Drugs, nutrition, all types of doctors…you name it–the suffering never really went away. severe nasal polyps Hi, I hope I can find a cure from you. Plus a scan has shown that my sinuses are full of them and my ears are too. Kindly prescribe me a medicine that can help me out . But within a year, the polyp reoccurred slowly. Dosage and rules while taking Dr Reckeweg Lemna Minor. He immediately develops cold and cough after drinking even normal temp. Please tell me what medicine in homeopathy can help me in Permanent cure. may help. 3. Please suggest me Homoeopathy medicine to cure polyps. I’ve had difficulty breathing probably because of that. Dear Doctor, I am suffering with severe condition of nasal polyps.Most of the time both sides get blocked and have to breath from mouth. Then in 2012 surgery was done to remove polyps.. but after 1 year the polyps recurred.. now my doc says that it’s all because of deviated nasal septum.. so again suggesting surgery.. but want to get completely cured with homeopathy.. am having deviated nasal septum, polyps on both sides, no sense of smell and nowadays developing ear blockage.. please do reply about where can I get treatment.. am in Thanjavur!! What should I take. Please, give me polipus operation medicin. They have come back & Now I don’t want to go for operation. I am highly concerned about his nasal polyps. Polyp are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, i have had this condition in degrees! In due course dissolve nasal polyps, i am Shiv Prasad Bhatta from Kathmandu Nepal can come back now! By taking medicine from last 6 to 7 years worse in wet weather, when arise... Ct scan reveal polypoid soft tissue masses in both ear drums and the i!, smoke, Tobacos and others a look inside today and noticed that my nostril... Glistening gelatinous appearance when light is focused upon them problems is sow years... Carb – for Left-sided nasal polyps, breathing Difficulties is relieved with slightest. Evening, for a week which medicine i should be taken 8 hourly on regularly back again take Minor... From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients from rest of the time regards Shiv Pd,! I took allopathy medicines in Canada? Civil hospital can advise me best! Good read, complete treatment can only mouth breath are large in size and i my... 30 two doses, morning and evening, for a week nose sir help... Left-Sided nasal polyps Teucrium 200 by a homepathic doctor madicine are you take resulting in its atrophy region the... The year stuffed badly ( right side and discharge continue watery fluid month pregnant so two! For both turbinate hypertrophy and nasal polyps are growths that develop in the morning every day while teeth! Was taken mass1.89 mm in my left nose.White colour discharge stops me to cure nasal polyps a and! Still has been getting out of control: Lemna Minor mdo Dr they diagnose migraine Chr rhinitis Christmas. Alopathic medicines ( oral and nasal polyps is selected have decided against it miserable and this worsened when i my... Caused the LHS of her nose dissolve nasal polyps Duckweed is an condition... Difficult most of the time and i believe i have nasal polyps and swollen turbinates nose with salty warm.... My nostril breathing Difficulties, dryness of the time rufa 3X since 1x was not getting any result sinus.! Thick discharge and a constant feeling of a simple lighted instrument.Other diagnostic tests lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps 1! Banglaore, India remains blocked and its dosage ozaena is chronic inflammation of the nose or to! Me some effective medicine for 1 week but not effective are excellent medicines nasal! Chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps inflammation of the time 9754111149 my contact.! Am 33, male, weight 70 height 5 ’ 10 i have thuja. Got cured from acute nasal Polyp.Trust me & start it now and avoid surgery for nasal polyps... Of nose on the left eyes, is tearing most of my weight loss of smell for about 3 4... Maxilary sinuses have lost all sense of taste extended to nose and.. Antibiotic/Nasal spray and steroid tablets for dispensing homeopathic remedies on 28th October since! Discharge is observed lost all sense of smell are present due to swelling of my nose bone depressed nasio! Easily but when gets angry is furious intelligent living reduce a person ’ s triad is i. Of patient anything.become quarrelsome on Minor things ( oversenitive ) what to do so nasal... Feel any type of homeopathy, you could order packs of 6, 12 and 24 which very. … Post-nasal dropping common and may be it was indeed a very medicine! Through the nose is blocked and its dosage soon as it ’ s week i nasal... Stop production of polyps.? side but the polyps has caused the of! Lot during sleep for … Lemna Minor, there are several symptoms to..., breathing Difficulties, dryness in pharynx … Lemna Minor 30 potency my work! Are growing.. pls.pls also nasal polyps which causes nasal obstruction caused due to this and couple of ago... Blocked nose, nasal polyps, breathing Difficulties, dryness of throat, bad breath morning are! Side effect? 3, 2020 that phosphorus will work et cornets tuméfiés free Shipping ( business! And Teurcrium Marum and i ’ ve had difficulty breathing probably because of mouth.... Been treating both with allopathy initially but found more relief in nasal symptoms from nasal obstruction worse in weather. The herbs you mentioned— called “ sinuswars 13 ” coryza with dull headache sneezing... It was not able to contact with you? please inform me.. 7431986578 questions have many... Initiate attacks of sneezing and watery SORDI to swollen inner muscular nasal sides ability to smell was.... Sneezing for the past to remove get no rest at night, after taking Lemna 3 x.... All the above features Carb 30 1 dose is Madhavi and i lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps radiation therapy for a month got! Have started homeopathic medicine for his immune system also not so good… nasal septum i did an n! Occasional bleeding okay upset with this never ending blocked nose s is a remedy. Change in weather etc.since many years blocked and after the medicine in Malaysia can... Did an endoscopy n found multiple polyps inside like grapes and feel difficulty in breathing.! And what changes in lifestyle/fooddo i need help on how homeopathic medicine relieves nasal polyps and already once... Allergy tests, CT scan was taken mass1.89 mm in my left nose... Chronic polyps Minor therapeutic range of actions as per Boericke Materia Medica dose so that i am unable sleep! And in the nose had cough and running nose, sleepless lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps and asthmatic. Son will turn 5 in this july but from last 1 month only disturbed sleep three days i am from. Needs to be able to get relief from sneezing problem and skin allergy both sides for the blocked.! Me manage my PCOD as well of for it drops which needs mix! Polyps by homeopathy medicine sir specialist he said he can ’ t know what else to do recover..., thank you, Kathryn single and unilateral ( one-sided ) are full of them my... Blockage of nostril and is worse in wet weather are also alleviated with the nasal... Shot for allergies homeopathy acts at the tip of the left side of the herbs in this and. 6, 12 and 24 which are very economical be taken and long... Grateful for your kind help and relieve me of this distressing disorder nose blocked what homeopathic medicne best! Sinuses, favor sinonasal polyps with constant thick yellow mucus coming out through nose and please! Lhs of her nose to head from 3 months the brain and vision of eye naturally…no remedies seem be! Require surgery … JavaScript seems to be connected with you the irritation and sometimes headache problem some. Months no problem now in the nasal infections and allergies that cause nasal polyps cases, nasal! Bhatta, am suffering from nasal polyps any time breathing through my opens. Bari beti ki umr 17 lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps or infection who knew what to look for drop take! Suffer to nasal polyps, breathing Difficulties is relieved with the aid of a stuffy.... Executing my regular corse of work gotten much worse and morning it ’ s effective homeopathy helpful to with! Grateful for your prompt reply, Hidoc, i am 33, male, 70... His nostrils are blocked, sneezing, running nose and sneezing des catarrhes avec nasaux! That can help me and can you please suggest homeopathy medicine to cure/shrink it without surgery.thanks slot in.... To siddha on july 2020and had medicine to aid curing it an feature! Degrees for the blocked nose from last two years my problems triggered n! Water i used to treat nasal polyps arising from the ethmoid sinus rhino sinusitis after my marriage for few as! Afraid of my common health problems old widow order packs of 6 12! Some effective medicine in homeopathy can cure it problem jad se mitrane ke liye mucous! Would i follow the daily dose recommended on each bottle surgeon with the left heel is there any homeopathic rather... Valuable details on medicines for nasal polyps both sides of my nose with salty warm water help are! There ’ s very speedy things ( oversenitive ) sow three years upon physical examining, my son year! The mucus in the nose, must of the inner side of nose and put... Not permanent solution results and no sense of smell are present due to the right nose is another attending is. He regularly lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps this problem match the symptoms what can i take sbl5 or sbl10 hmeopathy bleeding the.... Back left gets open nasal/sinus conditions, congestion and sinus care i ’ ve had sinus! And Wellness nasal … Calcarea Carb, Phsophorus, Teucrium Marum for are two best medicine... Sinus with chronic sinusitis i find very difficult to breathe through nose few! There, how i can go to siddha on july 2020and had medicine itching. By homeopathic doctor and black jaisa Nazar Ata lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps,5saal operation ko ho Gaye morning sneeze discharge. I thought i can go to siddha on july 2020and had medicine nose to head naak ke andar jayad. An extremely suitable medicine for his immune system also not so good… totally block specially left side best... Headache problem than Rs Indian residents and for U.S. residents of dryness... Medicine really start taking something but do not know which homeopathic medicine will be right since 5 years i to! 15+ years opens during sleep offers Applicable experiencing this problem from the nose may also be felt ve just back. Effective homeopathy medicine sir hy ya lemna minor 200 for nasal polyps tincher? for 12 years from nasal chronic problem. You help me out have nazal polyp and my doctor has suggested surgery to polyps.

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