I’ll have to remember & try to apply this. There's not a lot to do about yarn that leaves some fibers behind when you're knitting, but you can protect yourself from the mess and keep it contained. }}, Let me take a step back and talk about yarn twist for a moment. hmmmm. Yarn efficiently queues up requests and avoids request waterfalls in order to maximize network utilization. I will need to re-read about the Z twist and hopefully sooner than later it will sink in. In this tutorial, we learn how to keep yarn from tangling when using many colors. Article by Handcrafted With Grace. Is it an issue? If you’re looking at the skein from one end, and if you continue to wind the skein it would be in a clockwise direction, then pulling the feed directly from the outside from this end will add S-Twist. By Free2B [216 Posts, 345 Comments] December 28, 2010. Everything I flip through your site I’m learning something new. I already used my yarn winder on the skein, so the whole “just pull from the other end” bit won’t work. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Feed the yarn through the hole in the lid or a hole cut in the bag. Andrea Lum seems to be tensioning both yarns well in this video, but I can’t make out how she’s doing it, and I can’t copy it either.If any of you lovely English knitters out there know, please leave an explanation in the comments. ( Log Out /  If it’s really bad, and it’s wool, I’ll break the yarn and spit-splice it back together (much easier, and ironically less necessary, in my current laceweight craze). My yarn was already wound into a ball, so the first step was to skein it to maximize the surface area of the yarn. It will keep the yarn from fraying, but can leave a hard nub on the end, which may not be suitable for wearable yarn projects. There are some solutions to this, but we should warn you that none of them work 100% of the time, and pilling is really just the nature of knitting and fiber arts in general. How can you tell which twist? Now I really know why!! Re-skein or re-wind the ball. Decide what you are going to make with the yarn. ( Log Out /  Correct. Yes, I should get a life. reddy_locks. Yarn does this quickly, securely, and reliably so you don't ever have to worry. This is the best and first way to improve your tension. Although it can be difficult, throw away any yarn you won't be using for an upcoming project. – Shannon • "I keep my yarn in a 2L pop bottle I’ve cut in half. From the perspective of the yarn itself, you are not putting any additional twist into the strand. How to Spin Wool. help!!! How do normal knitters keep their yarn from becoming overly twisted? I want one of those yarnpets. However, from the perspective of the user, there is more twist happening. Most hand-crafting yarn is designed to be used for knitting, by right-handed knitters. How to keep yarn from twisting tighter while knitting? If you have problems, you can report issues or contribute back, and when the problem is fixed, you can use Yarn to keep it all up to date. But if you have noticed your yarn feed getting ratty and loose, if the splitting gets worse and worse as you go, if you tend to crochet and un-crochet the same sections over and over, if you like to work loose gauges and tall stitches, if your finished fabric looks crappy and worn before you’ve even worn it, then you may have an issue with twist. Help. I have a tool, a contraption, that holds skeins, balls and cones, lets them spin freely and allows you to pull yarn in the manner it was put on. I’ve been examining and writing about yarn twist for years (see here) and hope you’re all caught up, but I will summarize. Same Packages. This is so interesting! What a fantastic resource you are…. As an aside, do you know Dover publications are reprinting James Walters Crochet Workshop? The only situation I can think of where the yarn may unravel is if you are knitting from a hank of yarn that has not been wound into a ball. Wool is waterproof and keeps you warm even when wet. Little by little, you’ll accumulate small balls that you can use to make a great blanket. If you pull from that center end, you will add Z-Twist. Thanks for the awesome tip – I just started crocheting (as in, a few days ago), so this is unbelievably timely & helpful! However, if you go along and discover that your yarn is TOO hard and twisty, then you could choose any of the pulls that puts in a little S-Twist. Changing the nature of the yarn can stop rolling. Additionally, you should make sure to close the bag to keep the yarn from falling out and ending up in a tangled mess. Thanks for a very interesting read. I love learning more about yarn and this has been such an eye-opener to me (as well as the 2011) article! That particular twist is always the same no matter how you are viewing the strand, no matter which end is up or down. It only matters if it helps you improve your fabric, or if it gives you the results you want. You do this as well when you wind a hank onto a ball-winder. By subscribing you accept the terms and conditions. Apparently, the dye in yarns is notorious for bleeding. This limits the contact the strands can have away from the needle, cutting down on the twist. The yarn becomes a tangled mess. First, wind your ball like you normally would. So, is it better in crochet to add S-twist to an S-twist yarn? The twist of the yarn stays the same. I used it for my double strand Afghan and I didn’t have any trouble with the yarn twisting or tangling any further. ( Log Out /  You don’t need to buy a large bookcase with boxes ordered by size and color. I put the yarn inside, thread my wool through the top opening, then squeeze the bottom half of the bottle to put it back together. Answer Save. 5 Double-Knitting Tips » How to Keep Your Yarn From Twisting Chapters in this Section Every time I crochet I manage to untwist the yarn while working and I don’t know how to prevent it. a DC for some reason. ... 41 Yarn of synthetic filament (continuous), not put up for retail sale, other than non textured single yarn untwisted or with a twist of not more than 50 turns/m . To avoid adding S-Twist, one choice would be to use that initial counter-clockwise outside pull (which is annoying to maintain because you have to check the direction of the wind every time the skein jumps around or you stop crocheting and come back later! Answer Save. Thanks for sharing that. They do this by rotating the spindle that holds the skein, so the yarn is wound straight onto the core, not twisted around the core. My yarn is untwisting as I knit! They put their hands inside the hank and spread their hands until the hank is taught. If you're getting a big tangled mess when knitting with two strands of yarn held together, stop at the end of every row or every other row and untwist. Next insert the needle near the slipknot (make sure your ball is wound tight to the slipknot). Um….it doesn’t matter how you pull yarn from a skein – the twist remains S or Z. Because the yarn is wrapped around the crochet hook (yarn over) in the opposite direction of the knit yarn over, and because crochet stitches have height and may contain multiple yarn overs each time, crochet tends to un-twist the S-Twist. Brilliant book, strongly recommend, I think you and Vashti would really appreciate it!!! Smaller hooks are more pointy and tend to “stab” your yarn in half. Anonymous. The only way I have found to reliably take yarn off the skein without adding ANY twist is to rotate or spool the entire skein as you pull. Nov 22, 2014 - Here is a quick idea to keep your yarn balls from unraveling in storage and getting tangled together. Oh, so you heard my screaming. I noticed years ago, before I ever heard ‘s-twist and z-twist’, that sometimes the yarn un-plies, and sometimes it twists itself tighter. Both of those options add a slight Z-Twist, which will reinforce the twist of a Z-Twist yarn. It keeps the yarn in place, and helps keep it from rolling around and getting tangled. I used to use a yarn bowl, but they enjoyed watching the ball slide around in the bowl, then pouncing on it. As I was casting on, I was untwisting the yarn coming off the ball. “..why does my yarn twist up like that?” Thanks, D. Now I know what does this and how to control it! That’s all pretty straightforward… so far. If you're getting a big tangled mess when knitting with two strands of yarn held together, stop at the end of every row or every other row and untwist.

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