It will help you come up with something new every time you need to change things up a bit in the business or professional fronts. Direct sunlight can cause fading and the luster might get lost. Abalone shell has been most commonly used as abalone ring meaning associated with the stabilization of the chakra flow inside our system. There’s usually an organic and mineral substance that create the Mother of Pearl. Not sure what intention you’d like to explore. The Maori believe the Paua will bring connectivity and harmony to relationships. Abalone mollusks can repair minor damage to their own shells. It is found in several distinct places and cultures around the world, which explains its many names, coming from several languages. The definition of Abalone is: Iridescent pieces of shell from the abalone sea mollusk. They believe the combined spiritual power of abalone and sage would take their messages to their Gods. Let's look at other meanings and uses of abalone stone or shell. The protein absorbs blows to the shell, while the brick formation of the calcium carbonate keeps the shells from shattering. They don’t differ from gemstone meanings as they also possess abalone healing properties . The reason behind this is simple. May 18, 2016 - Custom Jewelry — A personal treasure with sentiment, and meaning. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about abalone jewelry? Its calmness and tranquility protect us from life's unsettling passions. It is exquisite when paired with other ocean gemstones. If you believe in the psychic powers of ancient organic gemstones, the abalone stone has much to offer. It can protect the heart - in the physical and metaphysical aspects. Each of these brick-like layers has a clingy protein material between them. Jewelry and Health: The Benefits and Healing Qualities of Abalone. There is an Apache story that explains the significance of this shell in their ancient culture. Perhaps your work or family life is stressful at the moment. Abalone jewelry is delicate and beautiful. There are lots of names for abalone shell as it can be found all over the world. Tiny Aragonite hexagonal plates combine with Conchiolin in arranged and alternating layers. The most popular color? Its ear-shaped shells are made up of microscopic pieces of calcium carbonate, stacked one on top of the other, almost like tiny Lego blocks. She is also known as Esdzanadehe or Changing Woman. Abalone jewelry might be the symbol to represent the change, and to protect you in the next phase of your life, as it does for Maori people. The fertility aspects can bring wealth, abundance, or new opportunities at work. To begin, light the sage and allow the abalone to catch the falling ash. Today in South Africa, abalone is still highly sought after, and their shells, which are known to have an especially colorful iridescence, are very valuable. Lastly, be specific in setting goals and what you want to achieve and why. Now, when you use the Abalone Shell for cleansing rituals, the sage won’t make burn marks on its beautiful, iridescent luster. Tree of Life Meaning. The Maori people used this shell in warrior artwork. The abalone power teaches the girls of their spiritual power as women, and their ability to heal, as they 'become a woman'. During your therapeutic session, take deep, cleansing breaths and notice any negativity being released from your spirit. They would use it as the eyes of these warrior and other demi-God figures. Then move toward the areas of your space that receive a lot of traffic, being cautious not to forget areas like corners, doorways, windows and closets. Become a member and receive exclusive monthly content! Any small to big sea snail is called abalone. Abalone jewelry might be the symbol to represent the change, and to protect you in the next phase of your life, as it does for Maori people. Since the Abalone Shell is a water vessel, keep it protected from the fire of burning sage by lining the bottom with a thin layer of sand. The shell shows up best nestled in silver, platinum, or natural fibers. It is good to use when you want to become beautiful from your inner side. They wear the abalone shell on their forehead during the puberty ritual. © Copyright 2020 Energy Muse Jewelry Inc. All Rights Reserved. It assists with joint disorders, cases of arthritis, and even skin flare-ups. It can is used for anti-inflammatory properties. Haliotis, common name abalone (US), paua (NZ), or ormer (UK), is the only genus in the family Haliotidae.. You can wear it alone or with simple earrings. When you fully embrace the Abalone shell meaning in meditation, you will be able to take on its calm and balanced frequencies. This is used in modern-day cleaners also, which we explore later. The mother-of-pearl that lines the abalone shell, in tandem with the shell itself, are said to activate intuitive qualities like clarity in regards to situations, sensitivity and imagination. A common use is as an inlay in many musical instruments, furniture, and jewelry pieces. Bring this spiritual gemstone into your life and see it's power today. It can help us to tolerate the imperfectness in each of us, and in each of our personal relationships. You shouldn't wear this original gemstone jewelry without understanding its spiritual significance. It isn’t just a pretty tree! There are over a hundred varieties of abalone worldwide. As such, many people trying to conceive or wanting to guarantee the health of a new child or grandchild wear the abalone stone. It is traditionally used as a decorative item and for making jewelry. Create a Natural Look With Stunning Stone and Shell Jewelry. When we are going through troubling times it can be a reminder of the inherent peace in nature that we can connect to if we choose to. Cleansing & Clearing Learn More About Our Abalone Jewelry. Visualize your spirit being cleansed of all the toxic energy clinging to it. These sea snails cling to rocks near to shore, and are often consumed by other marine species. Not unlike the way the Maoris used its spiritual powers for millennia. The believed abalone healing properties of today are very similar to ancient beliefs of the shell. The highly iridescent inner portion of abalone shells, known as the nacre layer, is variable from species to species, and usually varies in color from silvery white, to pink, red and green-red, through deep blues, greens and purples. Iridescent abalone sea shell flatters warm and cool skin tones alike. When the waves of life toss us about, our abalone shell jewelry can be a reminder. It can be a reminder to take stock of what we have and to appreciate and celebrate it. The shell is a way through which apache girls connect to their spiritual heritage. We use cookies for analytics and marketing. Abalone is an edible mollusk while the part used for abalone jewelry and crystal healing is the abalone shell. Formed deep in the heart of the earth, crystals have evolved over millions and millions of years thanks to chemical reactions between minerals within earth’s molten core. Abalone healing carries energies of protection and emotional balance. 5 out of 5 stars (429) 429 reviews $ 12.00. In fact, the mineral kingdom ... It’s easy to notice when bad vibes linger in your home. Unlock all premium content with Crystal365! The Apache nation believes there is a connection between the shell and the first woman - known as White Painted Woman. A good place to start is with a setting an intention to go deeper into your meditation practice. … The two merge, and in this way, she is born over and over again, through endless generations. Use a feather or your hand to send the smoke over your body, from your feet to your head and back down to your feet again. Estimated payment amounts shown on product pages exclude taxes and shipping charges, which are added at checkout. abalone meaning: 1. a small sea creature that can be eaten. She is impregnated by the sun and has a son. The act of searching for a purpose is the beginning step in spiritual transformation. To learn more about the unique history and meaning of these shells across cultures, and its spiritual properties, read on. We'll also give advice on how you can wear it and what you can pair with it for maximum impact. This genus once contained six subgenera. Abalone are a type of mollusk, like clams and oysters, except inside their flat, one-sided, ear-shaped shells, abalone have tentacles and feet. As such, it can calm the mind and relax the spirit. n. Any of various large edible marine gastropods of the genus Haliotis, having an ear-shaped shell with a row of holes along the outer edge. Experts recommend that abalone shells should not be exposed directly to sunlight. This deepens the effect of the spiritual cleanse. From shop EnTangledbyHeather. Abalone Shell jewelry by Curative Soul. In Native American cultures, the abalone shell is used as a smudge bowl to burn sage in. In this case, your mantra could be, “I am living in the present moment.” When you connect the Abalone shell meaning with your personal goal of being in the moment, it helps free your mind from the past and future. Abalone chakras are primarily the crown, third eye and heart chakras. Abalone shell jewelry is beautiful and can be expensive to buy. The Abalone shell energy also helps you embrace your true self while clearing away self-doubt, fear, or other toxic emotions. She survives a flood in the shell of an abalone. When lustrous abalones suspend freely at your earlobes, people, simply, just cannot resist catching a glance of your face! The rich cultural and spiritual significance of abalone makes it a conversation starter all over the world. Abalone shell can vary from a few inches to seven inches in length. The different varieties of seaweed create different colors in their shell as they grow. They change color every time they are viewed in a different light which is certainly part of their charm. It brings with it a natural shielding that blesses the person holding it with tranquility. The ear-shaped shell of the abalone is also known as Mother-of-Pearl. Abalone is a beautiful shell showing a play of bright blues, black, brown and turquoise across a polished surface…a dark rainbow of colors say some. Associated with all chakras... Used by Native Northwest American Indians as a natural vessel for cleansing, offering, and prayers, Abalone is a great meditative gemstone. The concentric rings you can see on the outside of an adult abalone shell are evidence of the changes in the seaweed diet of the mollusk. These are areas linked to intuition, that harmonize with the intuitive properties attached to the shell of the abalone. The shell of abalone is extremely durable. Using Abalone will also bring you plenty of luck and good fortune in all your professional and business endeavors. Color of this shell depends on many things, it is variable from species to species, often reflects the animal's diet and ranges from silvery white color to red, green, pink, blue to purple. Not sure what crystal you’re looking for? Holding the shell and admiring its natural beauty alone can remind us of the everyday miracles around us. It can improve your ability to express your emotions with clarity. Along with its dreamy and ethereal aesthetics, the Abalone shell meaning comes from its connection to the ocean and its healing, calming energy. Unlock our premium content by signing up for our monthly subscription! By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies. The Maori people eat the meat of the shell, which is a Maori delicacy. There are those not attuned to its psychic attributes. The sand also makes it easier to fan out burning sage or other cleansing tools like sacred Palo Santo. Whatever meaning you take from it, it's a statement worth making. It is used as an inspiration for makeup palettes, wedding themes, in tiles and laminates in home decoration. Perhaps this is where Mother-of-Pearl's symbolism of strength and healing comes from. The Abalone shell healing properties help you to open and expand your consciousness, which can be very beneficial if you’re having relationship issues. Abalone, Love And Relationships Abalone shells are the outer housing, or exoskeleton of sea-creatures, and they are a wonderful vessel in which to find Mother of Pearl. They are also called marine snails. There is a lot more here than you might be thinking. The Mother of Pearl can be separated in sheets but this should only be done by experts. However, abalone pearls are much rarer, as these creatures don’t typically produce pearls. As you do this, repeat the mantra: “I invoke the spirits of Air, Earth, Fire and Water to cleanse this space and bless it with positive light. Paua shells are usually about five inches and oval-shaped. The shell has special meaning in many cultures and has spiritual properties. This adds to the exceptional strength of the abalone shell. Enter your email below for updates and special offers. Abalone Ring, Northern Lights Ring, Aurora Borealis Ring, Celestial Ring, Wire Wrapped Ring for Women, Abalone Jewelry, Celestial Jewelry EnTangledbyHeather. The son born from her communion with rain, creates water. The chakras linked to the shell of abalone are the third eye, the crown, and the heart. It’s perfect to relieve stress and is a good gemstone to have during stressful times. Crystal meanings Gain in-depth knowledge about crystals, their healing properties, meanings, and practices to achieve a specific intention. Known as the “Ears of the sea,” Abalone shell properties connect you to the energy of the ocean, reminding us to be loving and gentle with our loved ones. Abalone properties connect a being to their highest chakras. It also is said to boost the immune system and assist digestion. How Are Abalone Pearls Formed? There is not one exact meaning or symbol connected with the tree of life. Abalone jewelry, masks and decorative bowls have been used by many ancient cultures due to abalone meaning and properties. Many swear by its ability to help us work through emotional situations, be they now or things that happened far in our past or past lives. Instead, there are several meanings that can be taken from the symbol itself, from the different aspects of the design, to what they all mean when connected as a whole. They form in the mother-of-pearl shell, at the edge of the shell or in the gut. We are going to explore these questions in turn. There are many Abalone shell benefits when meditating, which begin with helping you embody a more relaxed vibe. Let's look at the spiritual histories of the abalone shell. In cleansing rituals, it is believed that holding onto the iridescent shell of the abalone increases feelings of purity. Gain in-depth knowledge about crystals, their healing properties, meanings, and practices to achieve a specific intention. Jewelry Style Guide: What Is Abalone and How Should You Wear It? Many cultures think of the abalone as a symbol of water. She is later impregnated by the rain and births the Son of Water. There are 48951 abalone jewelry for sale on Etsy, and they cost $23.35 on average. Click here for Afterpay's complete terms. It can remind a new mother of the extraordinary act she carried out in creating and nurturing of an individual spirit. A shell sea mollusk animal whose she'll is lined with mother-of-pearl The abalone mollusk is fecund - or fertile, for its species. Why not find a big statement piece like a chunky necklace pendant. This means that jewelry coming from the shells varies in size and shape. In some Native American cultures, the shell of the abalone is to burn sage. Abalone shells have many names: Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Nacre, Mother-of-Pearl, Aulon, and Sea ear to name a few. In Africa, it is now a $35 million industry. Native American Cultures In some Native American cultures, the shell of the abalone is to burn sage. This is why the journey into puberty honors the White Painted Woman in the abalone disc worn on the forehead of Apache girls as they perform the ritual. One thing is for sure. This is why the puberty ceremony for Apache girls - the Sunrise Ceremony, involves the shell of the abalone. Holding an abalone shell or wearing jewelry made from this shell is thought to enhance peace, relaxation, tranquillity and soothing of the mind. They are exceptionally rare, so it is very lucky to find abalone pearls. Perhaps you have had a big life change and found this article for a reason. Abalone jewelry, masks and decorative bowls have been used by many ancient cultures due to abalone meaning and properties. abalone definition: 1. a small sea creature that can be eaten. In many cultures, abalone represents water and its cleansing properties. Only one in several hundred abalone mollusks will form pearls. The shell of abalone looks like a kind of shield. What is their symbolic significance, and what spiritual properties do they give when worn? With a stronger heart and body, the person is thought to be able to communicate their feelings more clearly. It is thought that these waves of relaxation transit to the wearer of the abalone shell. Abalone is thought to have a divine energy, and using it with sage in the act of space clearing invokes the spirit of the ocean and uses your highest chakras as a conduit to the divine realm. At the end of the White Painted woman's life, she walks east until she finds her young self. To find out more about our use of cookies, please see our Privacy Policy. It is a gemstone that is often used to keep beautiful mind. This would also be the perfect moment to think about what action you should take to achieve your goals. Look at the many options of abalone stone jewelry on our products page, and at the designer metals, you can pair it with for maximum effect. These rituals involve the burning of sage to clear negative energies from within, or from a specific space. For new mothers, what better gift than the mother-of-pearl? abalone synonyms, abalone pronunciation, abalone translation, English dictionary definition of abalone. In these places, abalone was used in artwork, making musical instruments, jewelry, as well as decorative bowls. By improving our power to communicate our emotions clearly, this gemstone can be used as a symbol of empowerment and feminine power. It can be a healing and inspiring gift to give to someone we love, or to ourselves. 4 equal installments, every 2 weeks, at checkout, Select Installments by Afterpay as your payment method, Pay every 2 weeks, enjoy your purchase right away. It has protected the soft core of the mollusk. Abalone shells have been found in archaeological sites around the world, ranging from 100,000-year-old deposits at Blombos Cave in South Africa to historic Chinese abalone middens on California's Northern Channel Islands. They believe the shell strengthens the body and the heart of the wearer. To perform a cleansing ritual, you’ll need a wand or bundle of dried white sage or dried loose leaf sage, and an abalone shell. It can be found in the coastal waters off of New Zealand. Keep Your Abalone Jewelry in a Separate Box. this can encourage cooperation with those around you at work and in your personal life. Learn more. Late fees apply. Identify any unknown crystal with our crystal identifier tool! The Abalone shell magnifies the energy around it, so when you have a specific intention, your words and thoughts are further amplified. For as long as abalone have been nourishing human appetites, their mother-of-pearl bearing shells have been used in ritual ceremonies to replenish our souls as well. Animals like otters have to get creative when harvesting abalone. These beauties are beautiful as decor, but also work to keep negativity away. According to Apache myth, The Sunrise Ceremony celebrates the White Painted Woman who survived the great flood in an abalone shell, and came to land to be impregnated by the Sun and the Rain. Abalone definition is - any of a genus (Haliotis) of edible rock-clinging gastropod mollusks that have a flattened shell slightly spiral in form, lined with mother-of-pearl, and with a … Abalone is a variety of mollusks or sea snails with feet and tentacles. But how and where do these organic gemstones form? The uses of the abalone might surprise you. Well you're in luck, because here they come. They are generally found in cold, coastal waters such as those of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the West of North America, and Japan. Turning these shells to the light can reveal many hues, from turquoise, peacock green and blue to rose pink, purple and gold shimmer. It can protect the more sensitive aspects in us. Where to Buy Abalone Jewelry and Keep it Stunning Abalone... What is the Meaning Behind the Abalone Stone? Abalone can form pearls, and these can be made into jewelry. The son born from her communion with Sun, is the Killer of Enemies who defeats the White Painted Woman’s enemies. It is an organic gemstone, the same category as amber and pearl. Learn more. Projecting an image of strength and beauty to the outside world. The shell has been used as a sort of currency in many native cultures. The most common use of the abalone shell is for jewelry and gifts. Perhaps the wearer loves water, and the abalone shell can be a special reminder of the sea. It's no surprise then that it has protective and healing qualities. Contemporary art in New Zealand still incorporates these spiritual shells into their craft. This video is all about the spiritual benefits of Abalone Shells! Abalone shell is a type of mollusk that comes as an ear-shaped shell that is very durable. Many women in public speaking, therapeutic, or teaching roles wear a piece like this to strengthen them and assist them to be more articulate. Discover Abalone Shell throughout our jewelry in a range of silhouettes, styles, and metal finishes. They are also fantastically individual - no two abalone shells are quite the same. It is a shell covered with mother of pearl (shiny iridescence) inside it. 5 Amazingly Beautiful Abalone Earrings for Your Jewelry Box Monday, November 2, 2015 Written by Gemexi Posted In Jewelry . Define abalone. It lives inside a shell that is the shape of an ear and…. The iridescent colors and deeply spiritual meaning bring special attributes to the homes decorated with it. It can purify all the negative feelings and negative energy. Abalone shell or Mother of Pearl - Iridescent mother-of-pearl shell lining. It means they can be paired with almost any outfit. The shell gemstone will attract tranquility and clarity of mind. Holding abalone during cleansing rituals lends to a feeling of purity. Meaning of the Abalone Stone The abalone stone has various meanings. While the North American west coast and South Africa are the two main sources for abalone, they can also be found along the coasts of New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Abalone meaning is one of solace, a connection to the ocean, the cycle of life, protection and ancient travel. Often inlaid into jewelry, buttons and musical instruments, the pearly iridescent part of this sea shell is stunning.

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