Carly Morris: Yeah, you can just get that reptile out of here! #17. Jai: Look, can we not make a big deal about it, please? Wouldn't they? Alf: No! [pushes Andrew against a wall causing him to hit his head]. Sam: [while Blackmailing Don into sponsorship by threatening to tell everyone he taught him the word "Flamin'!"] Now you get out before I do something I might regret! [to Steven] If that's the way you want it, You do *his* Fifty, *for* him! Roxy Miller: Don't think you've got much choice. Colleen: I hope you're not the tearaway you used to be. Get up! Irene: I'm ashamed of ya. Sarah Thompson: I look like Ronald McDonald and Shirley Temple rolled into one! “Strike me roan” again came from that Dirranbandi area, from a bloke called Bill Kean who was a real character. Sid Walker: You know who earned the money for this place... Angelo Rosetta: Yeah, they all know. I would like a word with you, please. [sees Jett emerge from the crash] What the flamin' hell are *you* doin' here? I'm sick of it. Sophie Simpson: [pretending to be hoarse] Oh, I can't, sir. It goes with the Territory. There is a wierd creature! Haydn Ross: [as he and Sophie leave for the Cinema] We've got to go. [to Alf who tries to rub the paint off] Don't that, mate you'll make it worse! She's gone into labour. 614 likes. Shane: Actually, Alf. Eh? That's my car; Come back here! Jack Holden: Except that some opportunity's more equal than others. [Off her look] What?I thought we were saying things that weren't gonna happen. I did this about 12 years ago … Penn Graham: [Penn arrives at Angelo's to cause trouble and sees Alf give Will the keys to the bait shop] Well, isn't this cosy? That's the whole point. Public Figure Shelley: Oh, that's okay, sweetheart, I'm very happy with a quiet dinner at home and with things the way they are at the Drop-In Centre it's really all I have the energy for. [runs for the window and exits hastily]. Marilyn: Oh, well, that sounds really scary!Uh, how about option three:I do nothing except help John stay in Summer Bay? Alf Stewart: [to Curtis, after catching him drinking after training] You Flamin' Galah! In Australia, it is currently broadcast from Mondays to Thursdays at 7:00 pm. Donald: Looked into what? Alf Stewart: [to Irene when she messes up her dance steps] You couldn't read instructions if they were written a mile high in flamin' whiskey bottles and that's sayin' something! If you wanna do that; go outside. Like I said, Alf Stewart and his *loser* mates. It's useless! Jay Everitt: I'll be in the Back office, Raise that roof, team. Ernie Jacobs: And if the workmanship isn't carried out to my sastisfaction, I'll be serving you with an eviction notice? AU$ 6.24. [walks off angrily, Jack holds his eye], Alf: [after Jack convinces Don to let him use the school to make a wooden stool for Pippa] He's got more hide than Jessie the Elephant, that boy. Alf Stewart: What about loyalty to mates? Welcome To Actors Centre Australia Home And Away Star Georgie Parker Says She Chose Family Home And Away Actors, Home And Away 31 Best Inspirational Women Over 40 Images On Pinterest. Maurice 'Revhead' Gibson: You touch me, mate and I'll get the cops onto you. Pin on Gambling image. Pippa: Yeah, I know. Robertson: Look at the golden sand, rollicking waves-it's almost perfect. [Colleen simply stares, then downs the rest of her drink]. Irene Roberts: Yeah, well I'm sorry, but I can't help you. What the *hell* are you trying to, blind me as well? Greg: I highly doubt I'm going to come across one wearing that. Evelyn: What would you do if I had to leave town? [Sam picks up a stick and throws it, hitting Adam in the head] Ah! And even if it was an accident, they made the same mistake *32* times. You've had more run-ins with the cops than I've had hot dinners! Mrs. Watson: We've had a lot of complaints about you from the other tenants! [ALF gives him some nuts; he crushes them with his head] View Quote. Andrew Foley: [Andrew drunkenly stumbles into the Macklin Corporation's cocktail party] Hi, Pippa! Please join your friends. You're not in a flamin' barn. Alf Stewart: Well... Let me be the first to congratulate you. Dexter: Yes, that works when you're built like Elijah. Morag Bellingham: Donald, how lovely to see you. Shane Parrish: It'll do, I'm not gonna take it down again. Alf: A naked man standing in front of a room full of half-tanked sheilas.Oh no, that wouldn't be tacky at all. Oh, and just for the record, sergeant, my enemies aren't *running around* They're in jail, that's why they *are* my enemies! John: There's going to be cameras there and we don't want to look like idiots.It's bad enough looking like hippies. Greg: Just keep out of this, Pip! Gypsy: No, totally reformed.What about you, have you given up gossiping? Celia Stewart: You're finished in this town, Andrew Foley. Alf: The last time I was in a boat with you, you poisoned me. Dexter: Isn't it strange how some people have respect for their big brother? Irene: [walks into the living room] Get up. Alf: Yeah, how long were they in the Top 40? Alf Stewart: I'll flamin' *Kill* ya, You moron! Greg Marshall: But Alf, you weren't even there. You're at the beginning of a long, mysterious, fabulous and completely baffling road. Alf Stewart: [after Marilyn has given a customer $100 in change] I don't believe it... You're a pea-brain! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. See more ideas about alf stewart, home and away, alf. Rosie: Since I'm no good at self-defence and had to make something up quickly. Ever since you came to Summer Bay, you've done nothing but 'cause trouble. Josh: It kind of reminds me of one of those shrines that a serial killer makes. Phoebe: Would you have said that to a man? Michael Ross: Are you blind? [Shane and Damian] I wondered when you two would show your heads. Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist! Morag: Oh, advice first, thought second. Celia Stewart: Well, you don't think we condone waht Ailsa did? Feb 23, 2019 - Explore team_home_and_away's board "Ray Meagher", followed by 1196 people on Pinterest. The blasted hide of 'im! You put the gear into the suitcase and you close it up. Jeff Samuels: I don't think I caught that... Jeff Samuels: [mocking] "Please, Sir. Home and Away actor Ray Meagher has clarified how much time he will be taking off the soap as he reduces his workload.. Sasha: That fundraising thing you asked me about yesterday:I'd like to help. Top 10 Barney Stinson Quotes to Live By. Top 10 Pre-Kill Quips in Movies. [lashes out at Tug, Tug retaliates by shoving Nathan]. Bobby: Dad, they're free. A man who knows what he's doing. Tug: Well go and talk to Shane; It's got nothing to do with me, [Bobby gets out of her seat to see the commotion on stage]. Xavier: I figured that might be the case. Jack Holden: What's the story on the new recruit? I grew up in the district around the town and I don’t know if it originated there, but yeah, I stole it from Dick Backhouse. Romeo: By the look on your face, I would say no. Marilyn: [after learning of Colleen's unhappiness over Lance moving to America] She even said that she wished I'd married Lance rather than Debbie.She *must* be upset. Alf: She's gonna want to kick someone, mate, and Elijah's the other side of the flaming Indian Ocean.So who's she gonna kick?You. The exterior scenes are filmed mainly at Palm Beach, while the interior scenes are filmed at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern. Alf Stewart: [to Ryan as he comes in the store] You know, Most people round here reckon you're so low you could get under a snake in stilts and a top hat. It was created by Alan Bateman and commenced broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. I can multitask. Nicole Franklin: You, I like. I know you're strapped for cash, Sam was tellin' me? No-one, *No-one* lips me and gets away with! Upon receiving his first regular role Meagher said "It's good for me to play someone like that after all the other blokes. Adam: I'm only tryin' to help you man! Alf Stewart: If It's a fight you want, Pal, You've just got yourself one! Dexter: But I can't do that when she doesn't return my calls!Or texts, instant messages, Skypes, Facebook pokes... Indigo: Okay, that's not apologising, that's just stalking. Are you alright? And the next thing I know it's written on walls all around town. What? Maddy: Until today I had no idea how much prejudice he gets from everyone.And the worst part is that today it came from me. I'm gonna be stiff as a board tomorrow! Put the stick down. Dex Walker: Because we're too busy revising. Marilyn Chambers: Well, Yes. What is the etymology of “stone the flamin’ crows”? Irene: Yeah, well I've just become a vegetarian! Alf Stewart: [Alf and Morag are discussing what to do about custody of Roo's baby] "Satisfactory to both parties"? Alf Stewart: Maybe not on the street but you're on private property now. Come on Leah, Don't keep us in suspenders. Donald Fisher: Yes and what about next time? Colleen Smart: Wait until Madge Wilkins hears about this! You're talking like a judge, Morag. First offence, eh? Ruby Buckton: Okay, well then why don't we think about someone outside the confines of the Summer Bay Diner, let's go crazy, what about the Surf Club? You don't give a *toss* about anyone except yourself! Morag Bellingham: No, thank you, I only drink with friends. Maitre'D: Very good, sir. Do you understand *that*? Karen Dean: And I'm fed up with you and everyone else trying to run my life! Alf is angered by the recent treatment towards him by Penn and tries to have a fight with him. Sally: You'll always be Mr.Stewart to me, Alf. Martin Dibble: Uh, I always keep me ears to the ground. Don't you ever talk to me again and I hate you! 3% yellowmonkey posted over a year ago: Make your pick! Bet you're having some serious buyer's remorse about that one. Pippa: It's a sex line, Sal. [Damian is no longer able to control his laughter] And what the hell are *you* laughing at? Dexter: [Listening to Sasha on the phone to Stu] Dad, can you give me an anti-nausea shot? Alf Stewart: You're damn lucky it's not *Murder*! Matilda Hunter: Who do you have your eye on? Do you understand? Willie: ALF, please stay away from the window. Where to begin? Alf Stewart: If I hear one more squawk out of you, I'll have the cops do you for tresspassing! Donald Fisher: Why? Alf Stewart: Of course he did! [to Sam] If ever catch you talking to him again, I'm gonna smack you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week! Irene: Well he's gonna have to get himself a crew cut, isn't he? VJ: Yeah, you're the best, Miles.Way better than Elijah. Catch you later, little buddy. Travis Nash: Alf, what I was saying before about the squirrel blighters... Alf Stewart: I am not interested in the squirrel whatsits, I'm interested in human beings. It's called *packing*. I mean think about it, her love life's been pretty much non-existent since Angelo, I mean, Colleen's getting more than she is! Graves: Why do people keep getting killed here then? Ailsa Stewart: I think we might arrange a few fireworks! Matt Wilson: You've got it all wrong, Mr. Jacobs. John: Yeah, well, that went well, didn't it? Research has shown... Donald Fisher: Research? Stacey Macklin: Oh, You're a Bigoted Stickybeak without a leg to stand on! Bateman came up with the concept of the show during a trip to Kangaroo Point, New South Wales, where he noticed locals were complaining about the construction of a foster home and against the idea of foster children from the city living in the area. I've got nothing to hide. Jay Everitt: [to Roo] You look a bit hesitant, How about I start you off; "I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic!" Celia Stewart: Emma! Mr. Wilson seems to be under the impression he will not be competing today. Nathan: I've heard about blokes like you... That's how you get your kicks, you old perv! Jett: It's more of a bodyguard kind of a deal. Lindsay: Interesting fact, just putting it out there:My dad normally gives me some cash before I go shopping. Alf: So, are you, um, coming to the Anzac service? ALF: Ochmonek! Alf Stewart: [after a photographer takes a picture of Alf trying to free the teens chained to the tree] Go on, Get out of it! View Quote. You can help if you like. Angel Parrish: Of course there are, none like this one. I love being by the sea, not like the city with all that pollution and carbon peroixide and all that. It was a mistake. We're gonna get along just fine. Carly Morris: I don't really care what it is, Sal. Donald: I am *warning* you, That is enough of *that*! April: [giving Liam and Bianca some privacy] I'll be back in half an hour.That should be long enough. Morag Bellingham: [Has heard everything and is clearly annoyed] I'm sure some people may find you charming but I'm not one of them so I am only going to say this once; You presume that tone again with me and I will kick your spoiled, gucci-clad little backside from here unto the other end of Summer Bay. As he’d have another one there’d be more rum and less coke, and when he got warmed up “stone the flamin’ crows” would appear more and more –, “Stone the flamin’ crows mate you wouldn’t buy that mob of sheep from that bastard nah nah you wouldn’t feed ’em I mean look at ’em they’re skinny they won’t go on the truck they’ll die before they get to the next… stone the flamin’ crows a bloke must be mad!”. He said his customer was in a hurry. But I mean, they'd be good for the school. Meat Axe: [In an argument with Martin over Leanne] If Brains was gunpowder, you wouldn't have enough to blow that poofy hairdo out of shape! Alf: Mate, I know I'm a barman but do you really think I need to hear all this? 7% (To a saxophone player) Oi! Josie Russell: Could you get Tasha to sit down and talk to me, please? Angel Brooks: [sarcastic] No, I just think this shirt's cool, what do you reckon? Donald Fisher is a fictional character in the Australian television soap opera Shane: [after Donald suggests drop a level in English] Yeah, you'd be right at home with the dummies, wouldn't you, Tug? Greg Marshall: Uh, Maybe you should let him in. Carly: [Lynn looks on as Carly and Matt make eyes at each other on the beach] I'm Carly. You'll never forgive yourself! If you hadn't been feeding it flies, this wouldn't have happened, would it? Alf: That's normally why people ring up, love. Do I make myself quite clear? Covering for YOU. Celia Stewart: Oh! As I told you before, this is the biggest crab in Summer Bay! The original strike me anything for me came from an Australian vaudevillian character called Roy Rene who played a character called Mo McCackie, who used to say “strike me pink” or “strike me lucky.”. Shane: No, *You* eat it. Ken: Usual drill. Pretty far, I guess. Kevin: I'm with them. Alf Stewart: It couldn't be any flamin' worse! Dexter: Now I've lost my anatomy textbook! Tug: It takes him an hour and a half to wash his hair! Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Alright back to your locker rooms [Boys groan, Jeff turns back to Burgess] Fifty push=ups, no breaks, Now! Vinnie: [to Sally] When was the last time you took any notice of anything I said?This is definitely not the time to be starting. "Aaron King: Can I pet you? No buskers, bludgers or big 'eads allowed. Michael Ross: Just sit down and let us get you cleaned up! If I could change things; It's not gonna happen, no matter how bad I want it! Alf: You call that a joke young fella? Morag Bellingham: [peeved] Well, with two break-ins in one week, Don't you think it might be an idea to find out who's responsible, don't you reckon? Luke Cunningham: [Whispers To Sally] Whoops, it's Mr. Teddy Bear. Alf: Well, who the hell else do you think'd it'd be? Where's the Bugles? Donald Fisher: Yes, he's also trouble. The soap opera was initially going to be called Refuge, but the name was changed to the "friendlier" title of Home and Away once production began. You used me. I want you out, Pronto! Jack Wilson: Does this mean I can get the day off? He is the show’s one constant, a stubborn old bloke standing firm against the tide of change and shouting “now hold on a flamin’ minute.”. If he quotes the bible at me once more; I'll dig ours out from wherever and belt him over the noggin with it! Oscar: [to Andy] I need to tell you something, but first I need you to promise me not to punch me in the face afterwards. Besides, If you hit him, You'd only dent the can. Archive for the ‘Alf’s Quotes’ Category « Previous Entries. Nathan: Have you been listening to Damian? This room is what I would call unisex - a boy or girl can equally enjoy it. Irene: A cheap lush! The Spinoff is subject to NZ Media Council procedures. Xavier: I'm starting to realise you can be kind of okay. Martin Dibble: I don't know, that's just what they call it, eh. You get kids on the show now, and also the way some of the writers write the show, they just pick up Americanisms. The writers wrote “flamin’” [for Alf] early on. Irene: [On Chris] If you find him one day with an axe in the back of his head, I did it. But, most of all, it's about love because, when all is said and done, love is the one thing that never really dies. Blake Dean: What do we have to do? Alf Stewart: [after arguing with Travis who quits and walks out] Yes, You go. What makes you think I'll listen any more than I did those other times? [pushes him] Now get in your room and pack your bags! Martin Dibble: [trying to motivate Roo] I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic! Agent Hogarth: OK, ALF, what is it? Civillized. Wouldn't you like to take a wild guess? [Karen giggles; Stone turns to her] And that's enough out of *you*, You should be in school! Top 10 Most Memorable Bridesmaids Quotes. It’s somewhere between – you know if you see a chestnut horse, that deep chestnut colour, roan is a bit redder than chestnut but with a whitish sort of thing through it. [rubs Alf with turpentine]. I've had one hell of a day. Billie: I prefer the word drifter.It's more romantic. Kirsty: Yeah but landing a plane sounds a lot easier to me. At least everyone knows what a lowlife he is now. dubs revolve around Mr Kelly, who in the actual show is a widowed family head, but in the dubs is a depraved sexual predator who molests his two daughters. Marilyn Chambers: We couldn't afford anything else! Second longest serving cast member (and longest serving regular female cast member), Sally first appeared in the pilot episode too, when her foster family bought the caravan park from Alf. Sophie Simpson: You know, from throwing up. Well that fills me with confidence. Alf: It's not enough for him to call me a flamin' Nazi to my face, but he's gotta tell the whole world, hasn't he? Like her co-stars, Fiona left her role on Prisoner to pursue a major role on Home and Away as Alf Stewart’s unlucky in love sister Celia between 1988 and 2013 She starred in 10 episodes of Packed to the Rafters‘ final season, as well as enjoying a lengthy career in theater both in the UK and Australia. Alan, what it is it? Irene: Don't tell me the coffee machine's on the blink again... Colleen: Oh, er, put them down anywhere and I'll tell you if it's right. Marilyn Chambers: Well He still might come back, Mighn't he? I didn't say anything. Leah: Rach, you didn't just scratch the car. Call the police! Robbie Hunter: [on the sands Resort Development Protest] We can't lie down in front of Bulldozers! Now get the hell out of here! Irene: Nathan, that isn't funny! Rack 'em up, I'm just gonna go and do a wee-wee. [Beat] Sounded wrong, didn't it? Miles: I'm sure He's been plotting against you for months. Big Bad Bruno and Ugly Arthur are gonna make Paper Mache of each other. Amanda Vale: Why don't you just keep your nose out of it, you little insect? I was a P.E. It's everything. Roo Stewart: [Brett turns up at Morag's] Here he is. Alf: And you've always had such a problem with that too. Does it, Matheson? Charlie: I'm jogging along and there's Brax and his lawyer frolicking on the beach.And I just put salt in my coffee. Alf Stewart is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is good natured rogue. It's devilishly tricky. Liam: For a second there, mate, I thought you were an all right fella but you gotta be one of the biggest tools I've ever met.And I've worked in the music industry. Bobby Morgan: Yeah, Stacey! - the 'N' or the 'O'? Gina: Honestly, John, you're as bad as them. [pulls his hand away]. Understand? Adam: Well, there's something I wanna tell ya... Greg: Look, you... You just get outta here, Adam. Zac: This town, was it built on an ancient Indian burial ground or something? The soap legend, 74, has reprised his role as Bob the mechanic in theatre ext… Haydn Ross: Come back here, Dean! So my room's the one at the top of the stairs, right? No You cannot! THE FIRST TIME I LEND THE FLAMIN'... *This* happens! Make the ultimate Aussie statement with these slogan products! Gordon eve… Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: Satisfaction, mate. Adam: I'm only trying to help, I don't want the money! Lottie: [to April] And he cancelled our lunch so you must be a very good friend.High maintenance maybe but I'm sure he doesn't mind. There! Miles: [to Colleen] I didn't know you were against bottled water.Or are you just protesting against the protestors? But you want me to not say flamin’ hell?” [goes into Alf Stewart voice] Flamin’ hell, that’s ridiculous!

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