The following are some examples: Allow students to be … P.S. We also have to create clear procedures and routines to maximize learning opportunities and minimize disruption. Photo credit: Monkey Business Images. 2018’s top 8 classroom challenges, according to teachers, The 3 main challenges teachers face in today’s classroom. “High schoolers not as different as you might expect. Classroom management can become even more complex when you realize the strategies you use in one class, won’t work for your other classes. I needed to create a solid classroom management plan. Here are eight classroom strategies that teachers have shared with Edutopia, all backed by research. Topics included in the list: – The philosophy that completely turned my view of classroom management around! What are your tips for high school classroom management? It’s actually quite simple — once you know what your students’ goals are, you can then correct their behavior or help push them in the right direction simply by asking, “Is this helping or hurting you in meeting your goal?” Students like this— it gives them ownership of their future and makes them feel more like the adults that they’re striving to become. Establish Procedures. The following classroom management strategies provide ideas for elementary and middle-school level teachers. “Big kids like stamps and stickers, too.”—Joyce G. “They also still love coloring, silly stories, and lots of praise.”—Sarah H. “And don’t think that they don’t love candy, pencils, any sort of recognition! This allows me to identify their individual goals so I can incorporate them into my instruction. Thus, we must attend to the needs of the individual while also maintaining the expectations we’ve set for the whole group. Teens pick up on who they really have to work for and which classes they can blow off. High school classrooms will always be a chaotic place. “They will interrupt you and talk about gross things.”—Mindy M. “Don’t take it personally when they are one hundred percent more interested in each other than they are in you.”—Shari K. “Sometimes kids will say hurtful things to get back at you if they’re upset… don’t take it personally.”— Wendy R. “Attend plays, sporting events, concerts, etc. Every human wants to be seen for who they truly are. What’s right for my students?”I won’t tell you exactly where to set your own expectations because you have to find what works in your own classroom. Classroom Strategies for Oppositional Behavior Effective classroom management can make the difference between a miserable or enjoyable year for both you and your students. “Show that you are willing to listen to their ideas and implement them when practical.”—Sharon L. Nothing turns a teen off faster than someone underestimating them. Every teacher must develop their own unique classroom management plan. This was not the high school experience I had hoped for! I thought students would magically behave and work because they were older and knew the rules. Then, the best thing you can do with these expectations is to be consistent. “Set and maintain high expectations for learning.”—Vanessa D. Keeping them busy — the whole period — will keep the need for high school classroom management to a minimum. If you promise your students something, whether it be a reward or a consequence, follow through. The key is building strong teacher-student relationships from the beginning. Be reasonable but consistent,”—R.T. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers. I want to investigate interesting ways to engage learners and encourage learning. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you … they lash out at school because it’s their safe place.”—J.P. They learn their subject well. There’s no doubt—sometimes high schoolers will push back over who’s in charge. Here are the 5 high school classroom management strategies I use every year that help me keep a well-managed classroom (and also keep my sanity). When students know that they’re all held to the same standards, they can focus on school and engaging in the work rather than trying to figure out how to manipulate your rules in their favor. They want to know their boundaries.”—Mindy M. Notice the quiet ones in the back row, encourage everyone to share their opinions, and most of all —don’t let a few kids highjack the spotlight in your classroom. Classroom Management Strategies for High School $ 8.00 Looking for a comprehensive classroom management plan to help you with your classroom procedures, routines, and organization? Part of teenagers' development is to test boundaries, which they gladly do at school. Appropriate curriculum is a classroom management strategy: For some students, being thrown out of the room for backtalk has a lower social cost than appearing dumb in front of peers. Classroom management strategies for teachers help maintain an organized environment. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has been teaching for the last nine years in the Denver area. You’ll laugh more with these big kids than you ever thought possible.”—Molly N. For more tips on how to engage high schoolers, read this WeAreTeachers article.Â. when you can. 1. For example, I do not allow cell phones to be used during direct instruction time. You need teaching tools in your arsenal to help you deal with any situation. Whether it’s for learning centers or a classroom lesson, this list of classroom management strategies can help you manage your small groups. “During that time, I’m just trying to connect with them….

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