It has delicate yellow skin streaked with red, and it’s coarse-grained subacid flavor makes it a great cooking apple. Generally, the early harvest apple tree can grow to a height of 20 to 25 feet and a spread of around 25 feet at its maturity. They offer a broad range of flavors, appearance, taste profiles, storage potential, and harvest dates from mid-summer to early winter. McIntosh, which accounts for about two-thirds of the crop, is expected to be available by … There are nearly 10,000 different kinds, or varieties, of apples grown in the world. Harvest the best looking fruit from early varieties in the next few days and delay additional harvest for a week or two. Conical in shape and medium to large in size, its bright red apples catch the eye of friends and neighbors each July.” With a mildly subacid profile, and white juicy flesh, William’s Favorite is great for both cooking and fresh eating. Required fields are marked *. Skin color is pinkish/red blush and stripes over a cream/ yellow ground. Dwarf varieties of the apple can serve as the “clothing,” trained along your fence in an art form known as espalier. It's latest harvest can be expected in September. It’s considered an outstanding sauce apple. Early Harvest This cider’s wonderful fresh apple aroma is smooth, refreshing and pairs well with your favorite meal. Fedco calls this “one of the best of all pie apples.” Outstanding for both fresh eating and cooking. All around, this sounds like just a delightful apple to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some to try. Copyright © 2020 Salt in my Coffee on the Seasoned Pro Theme. It was grown commercially in East Anglia and elsewhere, particularly for jam production. All of these apple varieties have firm, sweet flesh; Honeycrisp produces fruit the size of a softball. That said, early maturing apple… Fedco calls them “incredibly hardy” and I’d readily concur! Another great all-purpose early apple, this one hails from Canada. Jennifer Lesser is a New Jersey-based freelance writer specializing in health and wellness for both humans and their four-legged friends. Golden with slight blush of brownish orange. Keep in mind conditions stated on our blog or phone message are generally as of the start of the weekend. The … These trees are not drought-tolerant, so you'll have to ensure that they receive the appropriate amount of water and that the soil drains well. Considered similar in flavor to the "Red Delicious," the "Priscilla" is an early-ripening variety of apple that is ready to harvest in August. Small – ¼ Peck Bag Apprx. Pick ANY apple (ask about today’s ripe varieties); mix and match! 2020 looks to have apples ripening on their normal schedule. The early harvest apple tree will grow best in moist, well-drained soil. I’m really blessed that of the 5 apple trees currently bearing on our property, this one starts the season super early, and another is so late that I have to pry the apples from the tree before the first freeze, and let them finish ripening in storage. He named the variety after his wife Paula. Ten …. They can also be susceptible to certain diseases that affect apple trees. Add your favorites to this apple market calendar shortlist: Fall. If you like tart apples, take a healthy bite of a Paula Red. Lightly sweet flavor, with sub-acid profile, it has a fine grained flesh, and historically was favored as a dessert apple. It also bears over a period of several weeks, rather than all at once, like some early varieties. This is the first apple that’s commercially available at any of the heritage orchards near us, here in Maine. It’s hands-down the best fresh-eating apple I’ve ever tasted. The 'Red Delicious' is a clone of apple cultigen, now comprising more than 50 cultivars, first recognized in Madison County, Iowa, in 1880.It is one of the fifteen most popular apple cultivars in the United States. It is crisp and sweet and has essence of pear and lemon flavor. For a golden apple, it’s got both great fresh-eating flavor, but also resists browning more than many varieties. Harvest Early October. To celebrate British apple season, and the varieties we once enjoyed in the harvest, here is a selection of tasty recipes which use British apple varieties. In order of Harvest Summer Varieties SUNRISE. The timing of the New England apple harvest so far is on schedule, with early varieties like Akane, Ginger Gold, Pristine, Sansa, Williams’ Pride, and Zestar! Harvest Criteria: Based on ripe eating taste and background colour change from green to cream/yellow.. Fruit Description: Medium to large in size.Taste is sweet and sub-acid. Varieties The Maine State Pomological Society will hold the 20th annual Maine Apple Sunday on September 8, 2019 with participating orchards around the state. Fine-grained and juicy, with very white flesh, Lee Calhoun in his Old Southern Apples described it as so tender it’s “almost like eating foam.”. The Earliest-Ripening Apples. The early apple harvest tree will grow in an oval shape that spreads, though they can be horizontal, erect, or upright. The flesh is light with a red staining under the skin, and a good tart-sweet flavor balance. For example, apples will ripen earlier if there is a mild, sunny spring which kick starts the trees fruiting cycle early. Best for fresh eating; keeps for about 1 month in the refrigerator (unusually long for an early season apple). It’s also supposed to be quite productive, which is also a plus! The harvest for early-season apple varieties begins in mid-summer and peaks in late summer. When we bought our house a few years ago, we purchased it from a sweet older couple that had built the home themselves, and raised their family here. Extremely tart and acidic. Please do be aware that most nurseries to change their offerings from year to year.) Pick or shop early, because Paula Reds are only available from late August into October. Each variety of apple has its own maturation time and can be dependent upon weather conditions during the growing season. Wondering where you can get your hands on these captivating cultivars? The sweet-tasting flesh of the "Priscilla"' is crisp and highly fragrant. The 2020 NC Apple Festival is not canceled, but the traditional street fair, as well as the King Apple Parade, will not be held due to Covid-19 social-distancing mandates. To ensure pollination and fruit production, the early apple harvest tree will require a compatible cultivar (a second tree to cross-pollinate with). Early Harvest Also known as: Yellow June, Yellow Harvest, Yellow Juneating, Canada, French Reinette, Early July Pippin, Early June, July Pippin, Prince’s Early Harvest, Sinclair’s Yellow, Tart Bough, Prince’s Harvest, Bracken, Glass Apple Early Harvest is believed to have originated in … An early season apple with a perfect crunch. Varieties, Harvest Dates and Uses For more up to date weekly picking information, refer to Our Blog , Facebook Fanpage or call the farm at 508-378-2270. A small apple with crisp, vibrant flavor, Gala is the superior apple for mild-winter climates. Heavy crop loads will mature seven days later than the predicted dates. Century Farm Orchards (CFO), Albermarle Cider Works (ACW), Fedco Trees (Fedco), Grandpa’s Orchard (Grandpa’s), Big Horse Creek Farm (BHC), Greenmantle Nursery (GN), Trees of Antiquity (TA)

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