Be prepared to feel the burn! It’s typically a great early season objective as it receives plenty of sunlight to melt away the snow. DIFFICULT 2.1 mi. Nearby Hiking Trails. Don’t come here expecting to be alone. The trail begins a quick ascent up through the woods through a series of switchbacks. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Here are the best hiking clothes for men and the best hiking clothes for women. Although, just because East End of Rundle (or EEOR, or “Eeyore” as locals like to call it) is close to town doesn’t mean it’s an easy climb up to the summit. With that in mind so we grabbed our poles and walked fast down the scree. We were in a bit of a hurry because once again the weather was against us. The East End of Rundle "EEOR" wall is the tallest wall in the Bow Valley at 300m and is located above Canmore on the east face of Mt Rundle. If you’ve come to the park without bear spray Valhalla Pure Outfitters in town sells spray and holders with employees who will demonstrate how to use properly. The crux is the last hundred meters to the summit and requires hands and sure footing. Above the cliff there's a pretty good trail following the south ridge all the way to a meadow at the shoulder. With a summit beer in hand, we watched a marmot wander around the peak and flipped through the very full summit register. Poles are recommended for the scree ascent and descent, and gloves would come in super handy as well as you’ll be using your hands in a few sections. There are two parking areas, but the latter from Canmore is the best for access to EEOR. It shows the correct trail way, elevation, and other hiker reviews. This is particularly important around blind bends and corners. A 30-year-old Calgary woman was killed Saturday while hiking on the east end of Mount Rundle. In the summertime, it’s popular for families seeking to enjoy the narrow slot canyon and climbers looking to scale its walls. One of those things that have made its way from the coast is stand up paddleboarding. See my section at the bottom for what to wear hiking. Hit trail head 5 of us @2pm On that note, always carry bear spray if you plan to hike in the park. It didn't. The trail starts right between two flagged power poles you can see in the photo below. Always check the park websites for wildlife information (Parks Canada and AB Park), and then check again for notices at the trailhead. It’s a great workout, with great views the entire way. Most hikers should plan for a middle of the road time with the estimated duration. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Temperature management is best done through a layering system if you want to learn more about what to pack for a day hike or what to wear on a hike, you can see our full post! It’s also the best effort to reward in all of the regions with breathtaking views of Spray Valley and Ha Ling Peak. 2. We started this trail on a Thursday at 4 pm wanting to catch the sunset light. Bow Valley Stand Up Paddleboarding has been operating in Canmore for the past five years and offers rentals, lessons, and sales. You’re through the deep woods during these times, and it’s prime time to sneak up on a bear. We were in no rush and took 1.5 hours for us to reach the summit and an hour down. you’ll find two paths leading up to the summit. If you want to learn more about what to wear hiking we have a great post. The best time to hike EEOR is between May and early October. It’s nothing difficult and any hiker should be able to handle the terrain. It has seven distinct peaks over 12km and the East of Rundle refers to the last peak to the East over the town of Canmore. Once you’re at the summit, you’re safer as you can see wildlife from afar, but still, don’t let your guard down and keep the bear spray on you just in case. Description. 3. - do not recommend this Hike for anyone who is not experienced. Any time we set out for an objective I determine a time at which we need to turn around in order to arrive at the parking lot or campsite by dark. Vehicles should park along Whitemans Pond. Anyone that has spent time in wilderness or mountains can speak to the fact your temperature can fluctuate a lot on a hike. Mount Rundle occupies the space between Canmore and Banff on the southwest side of the Trans-Canada Highway. Getting to the start of the East End of Rundle trailhead is super easy. From here you can walk to the trail start point. share ... East End of Rundle Route. This could have been less if conditions presented no snow and … The goal of hiking clothing is to help regulate your body temperature, element protection, and moisture management. With Canmore being the only sunny area in the front range on that day, I settled on a Canadian Rockies classic: East End of Rundle (EEOR). This scenic scramble has stunning views of the surrounding peaks from the summit. Second Grassi Lake Loop. The route looked impossible from Rundle 7, and I kept telling myself that it would probably look better once we got closer. Given it’s proximity to downtown Canmore, and relative ease it sees heavy foot traffic. A very popular 5.8km out & back with 870m of elevation gain. Here is all the info you need to know about hiking EEOR. The hike up comes out of the first section of treeline to a small ridge. After summiting eeor the trail becomes less worn and the scrambling becomes much more aggressive and technical. 1.3k. Once you get to the rockband you’ll want to put your gloves on (and helmet if you have one) as you’ll be walking along the cliff for about five minutes using your hands and careful footing. Indoor Rock Climbing at Elevation Place: Though rock climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, you don’t have to put your life at risk clinging to a sheer rock face thousands of feet up to experience it. The trailhead for the EEOR can be reached by following the Spray Lakes Road for 8.5km from the Town of Canmore, past the Nordic Centre, and then up a steep climb on a gravel road. If you are new to hiking and scrambling then this will definitely be a difficult climb for you. If you’re in reasonably good shape and hike a bit, EEOR should be no problem for you. If this is your first time hiking in the Rockies take a conservative approach. Hiking EEOR in the winter means that you won’t find many other people on the trail, but you’ll need to be extremely cautious. In 2018, we decided to settle down in one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Canadian Rockies. This route is not suitable for children or pets. We hiked EEOR in late July and had great conditions, however, it is one of the busiest trails in the area. We think this is one of the most spectacular areas and the perfect place for an outdoor vacation. Yesterday Rick and I spent the afternoon hiking the East End of Rundle. time seems reasonable, so I will definitely be back again soon to complete it. With this in mind, there are a ton of off shots and goat trails from the main trail that leads to various viewpoints. Below are the route descriptions, topos and name explanations. Mt. If you are slower five to six hours round trip is a safe time to estimate. AllTrails rates this as a heavily trafficked trail, and it is. A friend of mine wanted to do this route so I took her up it, I had a 70m and linked the first 3 pitchs and 4 and 5, if I were to do it again I would link 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. To get there, take Highway 742 south past the Nordic Center & Grassi Lakes. The view was particularly exciting for us as we could see our home way down below. As always while hiking, you need to stay alert, travel in a group, mind children and pets, and finally carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it. It has seven distinct peaks over 12km and the East of Rundle refers to the last peak to the East over the town of Canmore. It’s also a great place for expert-level climbers to practice their moves. Rundle, the one that looms over Canmore. Dogs and Kids on the East End of Rundle (EEOR), Wildlife Awareness On East End Of Rundle (EEOR), 16 Amazing Places to Go Ice Skating in Banff, 15 Best Restaurants in Banff That You’ll Love, Little & Big Beehive Hikes • Local’s Guide to this Epic Circuit, 12 Amazing Things to Do in Lake Louise in The Winter. AllTrails has rated this hike as hard, but I would put it in between moderate and hard. It is often under-estimated, and there are tricky sections on this for new scramblers. From there you follow the road on foot back the way you came about 300-400 meters and then on your left there will be the start of the trail. We carry ours in the neighborhood and bears have been known to stroll through town and busy parking lots. Due to inexperienced hikers in the group we headed back down. DIFFICULT 5.5 mi. Canmore has a wide selection of waterways itself and there are so many water activities that visitors can do in the area. The Trouble With Rundle. Hiking poles are never a bad idea either. East End of Rundle . I have never actually met anyone who really did but ran into plenty of folks who thought they knew someone who did. Hiking boots and poles are essential to your success! The East End of Rundle. There are hardly any flat parts and the climb starts right from the car park. However… East End of Rundle - EEOR | Kananaskis Trails Distance 5.2 km return, height gain 875 m, strenuous EEOR at 107598 is the easternmost peak of Mt. During the peak summer season this trail is heavily trafficked given its ease and proximity to Canmore. Mt. You can easily start off cool at the base of the mountain and get hot as soon as you begin moving. How To Get To The Trailhead of EEOR: The closest town to the East End of Rundle hike would be in Canmore, Alberta. It’s certainly a steep and strenuous uphill battle for almost the entire hike. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is … We paid the subscription fee so that we could download all the data we need to our phones. On the way up you begin to see views down Spray Valley to the East, Ha Ling Peak, and Mount Lawrence Grassi. The hike up East End of Rundle starts at Whiteman’s Pond dam at the top of Canmore Hill. There is a modest amount of exposure and some scrambling required, but nothing too scary or difficult for the average to an advanced hiker. Mount Rundle via East Rundle Route is a 11.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that offers scenic views and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Before any hike or walk in Kananaskis Country, you need to have bear spray. Traverse from East End of Rundle to Mount Rundle. Your best bet at having a crowd-free experience is coming mid-week at either sunrise or sunset. For experienced climbers only also as the ridge is sheer at places. In regards to times keep in mind your mountain fitness — different than the gym. SUP: There is no secret that Canada has some stunning lakes, more than any country in the world. Archived. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your trip to Banff National Park and the surrounding areas. There are typically always cars here unless you’re one of the first ones here. Rundle is one of the most recognizable mountains in Banff. The hike up East End of Rundle starts at Whiteman’s Pond dam at the top of Canmore Hill. If you decide to tackle this in the winter you will need crampons to get you through. Alltrails is our favorite app to have on a hike. It’s is fairly easy to follow with the small pieces of tape, painted rocks, and cairns leading the way to the peak. Smart and I started left of the crag and worked our way east. EEOR trail is a 5.8 kilometer out and back trail. These are very serious mountains and it easy to get in well over your head with life-threatening consequences. I only got to the base of where Rundle starts, and had to turn around because I’m ran out of time. Ha Ling Peak Loop via Ha Ling Trail. Now we live in Canmore and spend as much time as possible exploring the mountains that surround us. In the end, we established three multi-pitch climbs: House Mountain (5.9, all bolted, seven pitches), Yonge Street (5.8, all bolted, 14 pitches), and Georgetown (5.8, bolts/trad, 10-12 pitches). Best $2.50 (per month) ever spent! Enjoy. The helmet is more necessary on a busy day as it would it’s easy for clumsy hiking groups above to dislodge rocks. Route: EEOR - East End of Rundle (Alberta, Canada) Location. Returned to vehicle @6:45pm, This mountain was a serious challenging experience with nothing but the most epic reward waiting at the top! Peak 4 in particular requires a significant amount of skill and a strong mindset to get up it as it is all dangerous, rocky and steep. The East End of Rundle hike is a popular day hike with Canmore and Banff locals. Only kids and dogs with experience scrambling should tackle the summit of EEOR. Continue on the narrow gravel mountain road until reaching the pond at the top of the gap. Known locally as EEOR, there is nothing gloomy, depressing or otherwise donkey-like about the East End of Rundle. The East End of Rundle, commonly know as EEOR. East End of Rundle is certainly one of the shortest ascents in that area, among the most popular and well documented in Alan Kane’s Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. As the Pond ends and narrows to a river you'll … It is a heavily trafficked trail, but bear sightings have occurred. That’s just what they had in mind when they created Elevation Place – the place to go in Canmore to see what the climbing hype is all about. We wear our bear spray on our hip. The EEOR summit is 2,545m (8,350 ft) in elevation and is an easy scramble with 875m (2,870 ft) of elevation gain. Time: 4 to 6 hours out and back (Can be done quicker if experienced) Distance: 6 Km return Elevation Gain: 870 metres Access: A short drive from the town of Canmore, head towards the Nordic Centre and follow the 742 (Smith Dorrien Trail) towards Spray Lakes until you get to Whitemans Pond. Rundle (EEOR) was the first multi-pitch sport route in the Canadian Rockies’ Bow Valley, established in 1990. The EEOR summit is 2,545m (8,350 ft) in elevation and is an easy scramble with 875m (2,870 ft) of elevation gain. 1/5 people had never hiked before so It scared her right off the get-go. East End of Rundle. East End of Rundle False Summit Above the tree line and into the alpine! Reminiscing of crisp summer days in the Bow Valley (line: True Grit on the East End of Rundle, Alberta) Close. Hiking info, trail maps, and 153 trip reports from East End of Rundle (EEOR) (2,567 m) in the South Banff Ranges of Alberta In fact, photographs are better from down below. Haha! The low end of the times in this post is a constant fast pace uphill with little to no breaks and a brisk pace downhill. We tried to run down the scree, but the well-trodden trail only had small rocks on hard dirt and caused us to slip multiple times. This six-pitch line up the textured limestone of the East End of Mt. After this scramble, you’ve reached the summit and get to enjoy the views over Canmore! We are reasonably fast hikers and completed the trail in three and a half hours with summit beers at the top and about 15 minutes extra for sunset photos. Yes! Remember that the bear spray is worthless if it’s in your pack, you’ll need to be able to grab this in two seconds or less in an emergency. It’s a beautiful hike up that provides visitors with astonishing views over Canmore, the Bow Valley, and Ha Ling Peak. EEOR (pronounced “Eeyore”) is a short, but very steep slog up the eastern ridge of Mount Rundle, a huge mountain separating the 12km between the Town of Banff and Canmore. Across the road from the parking area you’ll find a ribbon attached to the tree indicating the start of the trail. EEOR_Remple.gpx 126.52 KB. In the region, there are frequent sightings of black bears, grizzly bears, moose, coyotes, and cougars. If there happens to be no parking there is a larger designating parking area for Goat Creek trail. Guides Route is one of the longest routes in the Bow valley with 12 pitches of 5.5 - 5.6 climbing. Posted by dangillis on August 21, 2015 August 21, 2015. Thankfully the path is fairly easy to spot by this point. Some park at Goat Creek and Do it! It’s also super important to know that there are limitations and to come prepared. I’m kind of paranoid about lightening so we didn’t even stay at the summit long enough for a photo! Even in the winter, this famous canyon with rock art is possible to walk along the frozen creek. As part of my 100,000ft Challenge, I was looking for a mountain to climb with at least 3000ft of elevation gain for this Thursday’s outing.The one I had in mind in Kananaskis had to be kept for a better day as the weather was quite bad to the south. Hey, we’re Cameron and Natasha and have been writing about travel for the last decade. Make note of the well-worn trail and downed trees to mark the way as it easy to end up on any number of trails used for climbers, goats, or both. I mean... if I can conquer this friggin hike, what’s stopping me from the Alps! Located close to Canmore, the 2,530m mountain offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area. East End Of Rundle (EEOR) is a 3.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The est. The Mount Rundle Traverse: an unpublished and often gossiped about objective, but who has really done it? We came across two other pairs of hikers who completed the trail with a proper summit. DIFFICULT 3.8 mi. East End of Rundle (EEOR) Scramble - Canmore/Spray Lakes Road Basic route up the ridge Start of trail is just before you go downhill to the Goat Creek Parking Lot. 7th Pitch of Reprobate, EEOR (East End of Rundle), 5.7, 11 Pitches, 465m, Canmore, AB, Canada. East End of Rundle Route (EEOR) Scramble Map There is also still lots of snow, however crampons shouldn’t be needed as it’s mostly either packed down, frozen, or already has prints to walk in. 4 reviews | | DIFFICULT #14 hike out of 79 in Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park | DIFFICULT. It’s a hard hike that is exceptionally close to the town of Canmore and offers breathtaking views over the Bow Valley. From the town center, hikers can reach the trailhead via car in just 15 minutes. Always practice wildlife awareness when you’re on a trail, and please give animals space. On the contrary, it’s short, steep and spectacular. The trailhead for East End of Rundle is in Whitemans Gap just south of Canmore. Besides bears, it’s common to see mountain goats on EEOR and then of course marmots. East End of Rundle standard scramble route They all a potential threat to humans and we should reduce our impact on their natural lives. It had eluded me for many years. When you’re on the trail make noise by banging hiking poles, talking, whistling, clapping, or singing. Grotto Canyon: An easy hike that’s good year-round is Grotto Canyon. Climbed September 5, 2006. The likeliness of seeing wildlife on this trail is high. Lastly, a GPS tracker could save your life – it’s one of those backpacking essentials I like to have on me just in case I need to hit SOS. Made it to the first Summit Pitch 4 I would countinue up the corner directly at easy 5.9 rather than step out onto the slab, as well … Centennial, East EKG, EKG, Georgetown Loop, Narnia, Orchid, Long Road to Ruin, Salt Lake Loop, Miners Peak and Ha Ling Peak via Ha Ling Trail, Ha Ling Peak, Miners Peak, Mount Lawrence Grassi Loop, Powerline to Loki to Highline to Riders of Rohan Loop, Grassi Lakes via Highline and Mosquito Bite Trail. GPS Track. This is the town just 30 minutes south of Banff. It’s steep and slippery. East End of Rundle hike is easily one of the most popular hikes near Canmore. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia East End of Rundle (EEOR) is a mountain located immediately west of the town of Canmore, Alberta and immediately west of the Spray Lakes road in the Canadian Rockies.

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