A case is made for augmenting the existing knowledge base on language with a multidisciplinary approach to language that incorporates bilingual perspectives. Treseder, P. (1997) Empowering Children andYoung People Training Practising care in social work with vulnerable children and their families, Inspection of children’s residential care. Welfare provision is also significantly influenced by availability of known standards, establishments’ own review in preparation for inspections, cross-fertilization of inspectors’ ideas, and provision of advice by inspection units. Program factors matter as well, although some operate in tandem with case characteristics and worker perceptions. Rose, N. (1999) Governing the Soul: The Shaping of The Private Self. Engagement in the context of child protection is of significant international interest, as the participation of family is a central notion in child and family social work. Fact finding in social group work is done by means of (1) observation and listening in the group, (2) occasional individual contacts with a group member or with members of his/her family, and (3) home visits and a sound knowledge of the economic and social influences of the neighbourhood and work … Increasingly, groups such as disabled people, older people and mental health service users/survivors are taking part in activity which marks a shift of focus to include both self-help and campaigning. Improved outcomes were not associated with demographic or background characteristics. This problem is discussed through an analysis of conversations between social workers and clients at social welfare bureaux in the municipality of Stockholm, Sweden. The legal discourse on child protection that is characterized by the normalization-moralization paradigm focuses more on society's response to parental failure than on the predicament of the child. Continuïteit wordt momenteel sterk benadrukt als een belangrijke component om de kwaliteit van de We also saw many examples of reducing autonomy and excluding parents from decision making. In this respect, the social worker is not only a social worker but also a moral worker. The interpretation of the UNCRC from the point of view of children's legal status emphasises the autonomy of children; the focus is on the rights that children possess. The conceptual clash between citizenship and consumerism is being exposed as participation becomes more widespread and sites of resistance are revealed. Task groups tend to be more formal in their structure and decorum and focus on goal-setting, objective outputs, problem-solving, and decision-making around principal tasks to which their personal growth or well-being are secondary. This pilot study aims to assess writing and research proficiency of HBCU master’s of social work (MSW) students through empirical analysis of their capstone papers and surveys from educators to provide implications for developing a writing and research manual for social work programs at HBCUs. Negotiating 'professional agency': Social work and decision-making within the Ontario child welfare... Child Protection Assessment: An Ecological Perspective. Persons who lack money and apply for social welfare compensation generally have to turn to a public social welfare bureau where their eligibility is assessed by a professional social worker. Findings: In our analysis, we identify three major issues in the construction of the “child at risk” when social work students approach report writing as an open-ended and reflexive practice of storytelling: recognisability, comprehensibility and stigmatisation. Case histories of people with learning difficulties tend to privilege information that is useful to professionals, such as IQ and medical diagnosis. Starting from a case study of networks for welfare provision in two Belgian cities, this article focuses on the effectiveness of service delivering networks at the client level, which is understood as the contribution of the network in improving the conditions of life of those being served or targeted by the network. Foucault's analysis of how marginalized knowledges are affected by dominant cultural practices suggests a redefining of empowerment as the insurrection of subjugated knowledge. We argue that truly participatory child-protection social work requires not simply better training or different tools, but an innovation in the value base of children’s services. “We have to think about how universities and practitioners work together to understand the complexity of the writing social workers are doing and to do it well.” The same report, she says, can go … According to the social approach of recovery, the question of what support and care mean for people with "mental health problems" into their everyday life requires a continuous and structurally embedded dialogue between service users and professionals. Using hierarchical linear models, we explore influences on collaboration and compliance at the case, worker, and program levels. MS Word. It is also written for those people who have it in their power to assist children in having a voice, but who, unwittingly or not, trivialize their involvement. Palgrave, McMillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire & New York. The narratives of child protection workers affirm that a restrictive climate does exist in child protection agencies and that it indeed shapes the way they make their decisions. Temple Smith, London. itself may affect clinical and judicial decisions that lead to certain outcomes. We see a fragmented and context‐free child produced by causal shortcuts strongly informed by specific and, at times, simplified and biased psychological knowledge. Abstract Counseling groups offer more present and future-oriented growth goals, such as clarifying values and ideas, increasing self-confidence or developing new interpersonal skills. Het kan gaan over het actief installeren van discontinuïteit of non-participatie door de jongeren zoals ook aangehaald in ander onderzoek (Parker et al., 2011; Children's Participation: From Tokenism to Citi-zenship. Toward the development of my work as this support group’s facilitator, I have come to prize Roth’s assertion that “a healthy group engages conflict with an appreciation that the conflict affects the group as a whole…with some members carrying the conflict and others metabolizing the conflict so that the whole group is able to resolve the conflict.4”. The aim of the engagement was mainly considered in the terms of empowerment—empowering family to cope on their own and to take charge of their lives. That is why the documented layer of decisions about taking a child into care is examined here. ... Dit kan leiden tot onmacht, kwaadheid en het opheffen van het engagement van de jongere ten aanzien van de aangeboden hulp. In order to examine the nature of the current theories and practices of a part of the profession of social work… Social workers … Moreover, analyses of the surveys revealed four themes regarding assessment of writing and research skills among students struggling with basic writing mechanics, indicating that HBCU MSW students may have potential and capacity for learning, as evidenced by their ideas and critical thinking skills. The following reflection cycle offers a prescriptive structure while allowing the flexibility necessary for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge, skill, and ability in the unique context of their area and environment. Palgrave McMillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Only very recently has it been applied to the study of social work, despite the fact that communication and language are central to social work practice. We analysed and synthesized 35 empirical studies with samples of social workers in the child protection domain where issues regarding the child or the child's situation were the study focus. A participative practice of report writing would imply that the perspective of the children and parents is present in the reports. This construction process might involve challenges to professional assessment and intervention, since dealing with this complex notion is about more than tools, (risk) management and protocols. In the field, social workers may encounter opportunities to observe or become part of program committees, task forces, or team training groups, all of which are examples of task groups. To focus on the protection of the child, the article proposes a paradigm wherein the definition of morality is derived from concern for the other and relies on constructs that represent the evolving transaction between parent and child. Through reflection the candidate begins the ongoing process of blending the art and science of good teaching practice. meer dan twee jaar in de jeugdhulpverlening aflegden, werd gevraagd naar hun beleving van continuïteit. However, the UNCRC is not a neutral instrument deployed to meet the rights of children: it embodies a specific perception of the child, childhood and citizenship. Child Protection and the Conception of Parental Responsibility. Social Group Work Theory and Practice By Gertrude Wilson, Professor, University of California at Berkeley. These findings suggest both teaching- and research-oriented programs could employ the proposed writing and research assessment manual, as well as a writing and research lab/center for improving writing and research skills among their students.

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