Fan clips; 24pcs heat-sink for RAM & 1 big heat-sink for VRM, AMD: Hawaii chip: R9 290/290x ; Curacao chip: HD 7850, 7870xt; R9 270/270x, nVIDIA GTX Series: 1080Ti, 1080/1070, 650, 650Ti, 660, 660Ti, 680, 760, 770, 780, 780Ti. Now, I am on a 7770 Ghz Edition. Idle Temps with morpheous cooler is 25C and under bench test load WITH a heavy overvolted overclock doesn't even hit 65C. FML. It's incredibly difficult to drop Rx Vega hotspot temperature regardless of what the people in forums say. Source: Raijintek. eidairaman1 The Exiled Airman. RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS II CORE EDITION Superior High-end VGA Cooler, Compatible with AMD R9 390x, R9 Fury, Hawaii chip (R9 290/290x), Curacao chip (HD 7850, 7870 xt; R9 270/270x). Overall Review: The cooler doesnt come with fans so you will need to provide 2 120mm fans for the cooler. There is no reinforcement bracket or back-plate to add weight and the sink itself is barely over a pound. MORPHEUS VEGA - 12 copper heat pipes, 129 fins, a mirrored copper base and the option to install 2 × 120mm fans; This incredible combination prepares the best heat transfer to keep your graphics card and PCB board running at optimal temperatures. Very easy to assemble. -A nice thing for a future revision or an ad on item would be a backplate, Pros: Temps on 1080 Ti stay in the low 40's with Dual 140MM Noctuas at 100% What it *is* is a cheap and cheerful Vega 56 on a reference board ( this is good ) that is made by a reputable manufacturer and is quite moddable. YOUR CARD WILL SAG you will need to secure this with something to prevent card sagging, I used a few small black zip ties to discretely hold it up. RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS II CORE EDITION Superior High-end VGA Cooler, Compatible with AMD R9 390x, R9 Fury, Hawaii chip (R9 290/290x), Curacao chip (HD 7850, 7870 xt; R9 270/270x). Add to Cart. Selling AMD Radeon Vega 64 with Morpheus II Custom/Modded Cooler. 4.1 out of 5 stars 17 ratings. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Tags: Morpheus II Core Edition, Raijintek, Video card. Search Within: Sort By: Display: Shop By. - Thermal pads on VRM coolers aren't super strong and can be bumped off, but once its in your system they stay on. Overall Review: Overall it's a wonderful product that cools the GPU Nicely. The fans you have to buy yourself, the idea is to use regular case fans. Raijntek Morpheus II + Vega = hotspot problem. Plan accordingly. When I got the Morpheus II, I had good core temps but I noticed one major problem, the VRM was not getting cooled properly, infuriated by the poor design choice from the manufacturer of this heatsink to exclude PROPER VRM cooling, (this may offend some) I cut apart the reference shroud because I hated it with passion, seeing how its aluminium I did it all with a hand saw and some files. Here we see that total system usage has been dropped by almost 40% with the 5600 XT, that’s obviously a … Morpheus II core edition comes with 12 copper heat-pipes, 129 fins, mirror copper base, and the option to install 2120mm fans; those outstanding combination and design provide best acceleration of heat dissipation process to assure your VGA board running under optimal temperature. Especially when you add the fans. A new VGA cooler has been released by Raijintek, and it looks good. FML. Although price is not the only factor to consider, it is nevertheless extremely important. RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS II Superior High-End VGA Cooler, 12Pcs 6mm Heat-Pipe, TDP Up To 360 Watts, Fully Nickel Plating, 24 RAM Heat-Sinks & 1 Big VRM Heat-Sink, High Compatibility With Modern & Future VGA (72) Write a Review See more " raijintek morpheus "

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