A well designed unit training manager epr bullets can help design a professional document with unified style and design. Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. - Develops, reviews, updates formal AMC course curriculum; prepares Apprentices to maintain 14 C-17s worth $2.8B Examples of U.S. Air Force Training EPR Bullets. When the Air Force realizes that bullets are not the way to go, EPR's will finally be relevant. - Dir'd resource mgmt tng; incrs'd 32 mbrs risk mgmt/communication skills--key to gp safety std/zero class A/B mishaps - Dev'd & launch'd new crs flow; re-org's 275STS items/consolidat'd 2 blks--enhanced understand f/1K stdnts annually, - Executed online instruction f/COVID-19; collaborated live lectures f/18 objectives--secured Wg/CC's #1 top priority, QTP instructor--Task Knowledge Proficiency In the course, facilitators are introduced to the program, and trained on numerous tools and resources that help them facilitate an AFSO21 event successfully. Duty Description - Performs C-17 Propulsion Qualification Training; prepares/leads classroom & flightline acft mx instruction activities - Informs Cmd Curriculum Advisory Committees; specifies C-17 wpn sys tng rqmts during Level I/Level II crs studies, - Organizes unit UGT; advises & assists the commander & personnel on training responsibilities for career progression, - DMS section training monitor; updated/provided TBA status for 25 persons--provid'd 100% oversight to LRS ldrshp, - Instructed 1.3k hrs; proctored 1.3k exams/progress checks/91% pass rate--prep'd 160 intel stdnts/spt'd 106 AF units, - Controlled 3 group level deployed rotations- maintained 560 AFTR, TBA, TFTR, CDSAR records--100% proficiency - Revised tng program; 63 mbrs trnd/100% CMR rate garnered NCO of the qtr award--promote before peers! TRAINING EPR BULLETS. Training NCOER Bullet Examples; o trained students to exceed normal standards, o quickly developed plan to overcome training shortcomings, o coached and mentored 8 … TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples o conducted numerous classes for the squad including: EPW Search, Range Card, and 9-Line MEDEVAC o conducted crater analysis training for 40 NCOs and Officers with a sister unit to improve force protection When designing unit training manager epr bullets, you may add related information such as green belt epr bullet, cpi epr … HELP! - Boosted ANG trng prgm; developed 11 CE trng individual trng plans f/92 ANG Wings--bolstered trng f/8k CE persnl Train'd ESFS/S5 mbr on assessments; increased knowledge IAW w/AFCENT guidance, - Force Multiplier! - Led 2 Propulsion crs's; qualified 16 mbrs on 38 sys/3.8K tasks--facilitated 1.1K mx acts/spt'd 6 SAAM/2 Channel msns JOB DESCRIPTION - Responsible for training, administration and classroom discipline of 1.2 K active duty, guard/reserve personnel - Develops/maintains lesson plans, course materials, written tests, … If you … With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, training epr bullets will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. - Test agent f/ 3 wgs; proctored 118 exams f/ 57 mbrs--assured SCR msn crit capes f/ 2A fields/spt'd KC-10 & C-17 ops - Performs C-17 Propulsion Qualification Training; prepares/leads classroom & flightline acft mx instruction activities Records Tech Peds Tech- … Any 4A0x1s in need of bullets I compiled this from my past decade or so of EPRS hopefully it helps. From the very first Air Force evaluation in the wonder years of the late 1940’s to today’s latest EPR form, many have been bested by the arduous task of taking life itself, amplifying it’s quintessence, whittling large narratives and compartmentalizing facts into… Training Epr Bullets - 11/2020 - Course f. Posted: (3 days ago) EPR Bullet examples for the Training, Education, Off-duty Education, PME, Professional Enhancement, and Communication block of the AF Form 911. instr'd wg-lvl AF tng crs, streamlined documentation process--9 crs/72 hrs/98 supv, - Force multiplier; trn'd 10 crew chiefs on aerial refuel light sys--25% cross-utilization trn'd/unit quals up >30%, - Fulfilled short notice task during Ex; provided 40 injects/trained 180 Jt prsnl--solidified BDA implementation, - Implemented a phase training program; reduced training time of newly assigned personnel by 1 year--saved $14,000, - Instructed 306 AFTC hrs; equipped 18 AFSCs/51 trainers/19 certifiers--expanded amn/max'd msn capabilities, - Instructed 4 AF trng courses; qual'd 15 trainers/streamlined documentation process--incr'd Sq trng capability by 10%, - Instructed launch/recovery procedures; trained 8 newly assigned Amn--increased unit's task certification 10%, - Involved, instructed 103 personnel in SABC, enabling 50% of deployers to prepare for upcoming deployment, - Instr'd ASAB/AMAB Rock U crses; taught Resiliency/Followership/Bullet Writing--enriched 108 pers careers, - Led 36 TOP III dvlpmt crses/2 AORs; instr'd 6 diverse crses--dvlpd stable career structure f/38 JASDF/438 pers, - Led Wg Resiliency tm/238 pers; instr'd 162 hrs/9 FTAC crses/11 CC calls/trnd 2K pers--lived CMSAF's #1 Pri, - Lead JICC trainer; earned third certification, excelled w/98% test avg--one of only four triple-qualified in unit, - Managed SDAP prgm; facilitated trng/compiled results--eight Amn qualified/ready for world-wide deployment, - Managed sq UGT prgm; provided oversight for mbrs in trng/60 upgraded; delivered deployment ready medics, - Managed training for 2 apprentice controllers; taught 310 CFETP items/40 hrs sim trng--reduced trng time 20%, - Mang'd flt trng/54 prsnl; maintained 98% UTE rt--crucial Gp achiev'd 99% sched effective rt <2% overdue/1st ever, - Monitored ancillary/TBA/IMDS training; scheduled 90+ personnel mandatory training--key to mission continuation, - Organized 80 hrs OJT hrs/72 mbrs; 100% cmbt msn ready--all deployed/supported 72K OEF/HOA cmbt msns, - Overhauled trng prgm; revised job qual standard/unit now compliant w/new AFI--reduced AOR turnover 25%, - Oversaw ICT trng; aided development/planning of 1st in-unit Ex--honed wartime capes of 37 future deployers, - People 1st mentality; taught bullet writing crse f/5 Sqs/452 pers/penned 32 winning pkgs--won 8 Cmd lvl awds, - Provided 26 officers and SNCOs convoy training prior to short-notice deployment--ensured safety, mission success, - Provided 6 hours of flight instruction; qualified 32 people on respiratory protection/QNFT--vital to AEF training, - Regulated 4 hr pulmonary eqpmt trng; coordinated SME/trnd 16 4Hs; ensured staff orientation/task competency, - Revamped training program; conducted 29+ weekly personnel records reviews--identified/corrected 15 errors, - Reviewed 37 tower references; removed 63 outdated pubs/CBTs from circulation--enhanced trng prgm quality, - Solely trained 45 ISR Div prsnl; conducted 120 hrs comprehensive OJT--ensured warfighters cmbt msn ready, - Spearheaded trng pgm; 4 prsnl cert'd shift supervis/12 rcrd's standardized/revised UTP--100% AF compliance, - Supervised/trained 13 AFRC mx techs; executed >40 core tasks--integrated 29 AD with 236 AFRC mx techs, - Technical expert; mentored 4 Amn thru CDC's/qual'd 70 core tasks--upgraded on time w/83% avg EOC Score, - Top grad Global C2 Sys trng; mastered challenging curriculum/100% on all tests--now unit top data link trainer, - Trained 3 AMN on supply discipline; turned in 27 DIFM assets--contributed AF reclaiming 2.6M in parts cost, - Trained four personnel on baggage X-ray equipemt servicing--increased uptime, reduced passenger delays, - Trained six specialists on aircraft serving procedures--elevated section's ground handling qualifications >25%, - Vital cont' for aircrew tng amidst wpn sys change; monitored grnd/flying tng events for 64 mbrs--cbt msn ready, - Wg CAA delegate; taught 3 Mobility Plans/Execution crs s--raised AEF concept awareness for 125 base NCOs, QTP instructor--Task Knowledge Proficiency. training epr bullets provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. - Completed SEJPME; enriched leadership abilities & jnt ops knowledge--postured for coalition forces supervisor role - Completed NCOA/SNCOA DL/4 CLEP's; earned 24 credit hrs--garnered CCAF degree/BS completion within reach - Attended 1st Sgt symposium; learned valuable ldrshp/resource options--increased the number of add'l duty shirts 20%- Aced 40-hr SEJPME crs; gained insight to National Strategy & Mil capes--garner'd skills to lead in joint environment - Awarded SEJPME certification; compl… - Warrior scholar; guided 24 unit members w/CCAF, reviewed CCAF records--186 credits applied, 6 degrees awarded Back to EPR Bullets. unit training manager epr bullets is a sample doc that shows the process of designing unit training manager epr bullets. We advocate for effective and … Service provided by UN-OCHA. Skill Level Upgrade Training: Consider skill level awarding course, CDC timeliness completion, course exam results, and completion of core task training.Duty Position Requirements, qualifications, and certifications: Consider duty position qualifications, career field certifications (if applicable), and readiness requirements. - Assesses student performance/proctors maintenance E-tests; provides counseling, corrective actions; enforces tng stds Management EPR Bullets - Maintained real-time status of training reports via AF-IT; utilized by the Wing--heightened mission readiness - Qual'd LRS QA evaluator; comp'd LOGMOD 32 & HQ/AFRC Logistics Enterprise Course; increased sq effectiveness

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